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New Atlanticist

Mar 22, 2024

Experts react: What did the European Council just say about Ukraine and Bosnia and Herzegovina?

By Atlantic Council experts

The European Council held its quarterly meeting on March 21-22 to set the political direction for the European Union on a range of issues.

Economy & Business European Union


Mar 21, 2024

Russian victory in Ukraine would leave Europe at Putin’s mercy

By Mykola Bielieskov

A Russian victory in Ukraine would reinvigorate Putin's war machine and leave much of Europe at the mercy of the Kremlin, writes Mykola Bielieskov.

Conflict Defense Industry

Balkans Debrief

Mar 20, 2024

#BalkansDebrief – Why are elections in North Macedonia critical for its EU path? | A debrief with Marko Troshanovski

Nonresident Senior Fellow Ilva Tare sits down will Marko Troshanovski, President of the Institute for Democracy, to discuss the importance of the elections and the key issues debated by the main two opposing political camps.

Corruption Elections
Blue Globe viewing from space at night with connections between cities


Mar 20, 2024

Global Sanctions Dashboard: How Hamas raises, uses, and moves money

By Kimberly Donovan, Maia Nikoladze, Ryan Murphy, and Alessandra Magazzino

How Hamas raises, uses, and moves money; How sanctions are used to counter Hamas and combat the financing of terrorism; Where governments align and diverge in their approaches to combat this activity.

Economic Sanctions European Union

In the News

Mar 15, 2024

Mullaney cited by European Parliamentary Research Service on TTC institutionalization and formalization

Read the full report here.

European Union Eurozone


Mar 14, 2024

Ukraine’s Security Council Secretary: The West is still in denial over Russia

By Peter Dickinson

Western leaders have yet to grasp the true scale of the threat posed by Putin's Russia and are in danger of suffering an history defeat, warns the Secretary of Ukraine's Security and Defense Council Oleksiy Danilov.

Conflict Disinformation


Mar 12, 2024

Ukraine expands EU energy exports in fresh display of wartime resilience

By Aura Sabadus

Ukraine is boosting energy exports to the European Union in the latest demonstration of the country's remarkable wartime resilience, writes Aura Sabadus.

Conflict European Union

In the News

Mar 12, 2024

Webster in War on the Rocks: Win-wind: How a bipartisan SHIPS act could meet China and climate challenges

China Climate Change & Climate Action

In the News

Mar 11, 2024

Shaffer joins Strait Talk to discuss the Turkmenistan/Turkey gas deal

Central Asia China

New Atlanticist

Mar 7, 2024

A geopolitical European Commission is a must for 2025 and beyond

By James Batchik and Stuart Jones

The next European Commission president will need to prioritize the bloc’s defense transformation and economic security.

Defense Policy Economy & Business