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Igor Kirillov, Chief of the Radiation, Chemical and Biological Protection Troops of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

New Atlanticist

Mar 7, 2022

Russian War Report: Kremlin recycles old narratives to claim Ukraine is constructing dirty bombs and bioweapons

By Digital Forensic Research Lab

In a further attempt to justify its invasion of Ukraine, the Kremlin once again accused Ukraine of provoking Russia by developing dirty bombs and biological weapons.

Belarus Conflict
Facebook logo displayed on a phone screen and Russian flag displayed on a screen in the background.

New Atlanticist

Mar 2, 2022

Russian Hybrid War Report: Social platforms crack down on Kremlin media as Kremlin demands compliance

By Digital Forensic Research Lab

Google, Meta, and Twitter are taking action against Russian state-owned media accounts to limit the spread of harmful information online.

Africa Belarus

New Atlanticist

Feb 24, 2022

Russian Hybrid War Report: Belarus joins conflict against Ukraine

By Digital Forensic Research Lab

The Council's open-source researchers break down the Kremlin's latest moves online and on the battlefield in its war in Ukraine.

Belarus Disinformation

New Atlanticist

Feb 22, 2022

Russian Hybrid Threats Report: Despite debunking of false flags, Putin recognizes breakaway republics

By Digital Forensic Research Lab

The Council's open-source researchers break down how the Kremlin is seeking to justify incursions in Ukraine, and where the troops are moving.

Belarus Disinformation

New Atlanticist

Feb 1, 2022

Russian Hybrid Threats Report: Will Moscow provide weapons and passports to breakaway Ukrainian regions?

By Digital Forensic Research Lab

The Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab is tracking the latest on Russia moving blood and food supplies to the front, narratives in Kremlin-tied media, and more.

Belarus Conflict


Jan 17, 2022

Countering the growing Russian naval threat in the Black Sea region

By Skyler Blake

With Russian President Vladimir Putin currently threatening to escalate his eight-year war against Ukraine, it is now vital to implement an effective NATO security strategy for the Black Sea region.

Conflict Maritime Security


Jan 14, 2022

Western weakness has emboldened Putin and invited Russian aggression

By Tinatin Khidasheli

The West's weak response to repeated instances of Russian aggression in the ex-USSR has emboldened Vladimir Putin and created today's European security crisis, says former Georgian defense minister Tinatin Khidasheli.

Conflict European Union


Jan 12, 2022

Soviet reunion in the air as USSR centenary approaches

By Brian Whitmore

2022 will see the one hundredth anniversary of the USSR. The centenary comes at a time when Russian President Vladimir Putin is increasingly reasserting Moscow's influence across the former Soviet empire.

Belarus Central Asia

In the News

Dec 15, 2021

Bryza joins Al Jazeera English to discuss whether Turkey and Armenia can establish diplomatic relations

Politics & Diplomacy The Caucasus

In the News

Dec 14, 2021

Temnycky in Focus Ukraine: Democracy Summit Can Help Georgia and Ukraine with Their NATO Aspirations

By Atlantic Council

The Caucasus Ukraine