Founded in 1961, when the Kennedy administration was finding its foreign-policy footing and seeking to unite a disparate group of Atlanticists, the Atlantic Council is now one of the world’s premier think tanks—known for convening high-level decision-makers, producing groundbreaking research, and providing rapid insight across a wide range of issues and regions. Celebrate with us as we mark sixty years of impact.

Looking back

Since 1961

For sixty years, the Atlantic Council has pursued the mission that we have now boiled down to a few words: “Shaping the global future together.” In short, we see our role as advancing and advocating constructive US leadership in the world alongside friends and allies.

The Atlantic Council’s certificate of incorporation

The Atlantic Council’s beginnings

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From its launch as a platform for like-minded Atlanticists during the Cold War to its present-day work around the globe, journey through the sixty-year history of the Atlantic Council.

Celebrate with us


Distinguished Leadership Awards

Each year, the Distinguished Leadership Awards salutes an exemplary group of individuals who have contributed to the Atlantic Council mission of shaping the global future together.

Retrospective: 50th year celebration