Long Take

May 27, 2020

The Russian economy in health, oil, and economic crisis

By Anders Åslund

Russia’s response to the COVID-19 epidemic and the ensuing economic crisis does not impress. Arguably, it has hardly been worse than the average EU response—except for the Central European countries, where the pandemic arrived late and who protected themselves much better. The Russian authorities’ attempts to deny and conceal the epidemic have undermined popular trust in Putin, which is lower than ever. Nor have the authorities shown any sign of restart long dormant reforms.

Coronavirus Economy & Business

Long Take

Feb 29, 2020

The Greater Caspian region: A new Silk Road, with or without a new belt

By Matthew Bryza

With the signing of a US-Taliban peace agreement, now might be a good time to look ahead to how Afghanistan might strengthen its economic connectivity with both its neighbors and more distant markets.

Afghanistan Central Asia

Long Take

Jan 16, 2020

Think again

By John E. Herbst

In a recent National Interest article, George Beebe dismisses US policy on Ukraine as “steeped in illusions” and argues for a “sensible alternative.” It is a nice try, but what he comes up with does not pass muster.

Conflict NATO

Long Take

Nov 7, 2019

Die Mauer im Kopf: The legacy of division in German politics

By Michael John Williams

Pressures from a new global economy and rising rates of migration have collided with the deeply rooted past of a divided Germany to make political predictability a thing of the past. Thirty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Germany is still grappling with a division— the Wall in the minds of the people, rather than an actual physical barrier of steel and concrete.

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Long Take

Oct 28, 2019

Молодежь на московских протестах

By Ольга Хвостунова

Протестные выступления этого лета подтверждают наблюдения о том, что российская молодежь выходит из-под контроля Кремля и начинает создавать собственную политическую идентичность.

Elections Political Reform

Long Take

Oct 28, 2019

Russian youth in the Moscow protests

By Olga Khvostunova

Russian youth show little interest in politics, which begs the question: what made young Muscovites, arguably the most privileged group among the Russian youth, protest this summer?

Corruption Elections

Long Take

Oct 10, 2019

Germany’s social democrats look for a new face, but their problems are much deeper

By Michael John Williams

A change at the top may not be enough to reverse SPD’s decline, as the party has failed to respond to structural changes within German society that have eroded support for the social democrats.

Elections Germany

Long Take

Sep 22, 2019

After Brexit, will Scotland take the high road out of the UK?

By Andrew R. Marshall

Just two years after Scots narrowly rejected independence by referendum, a second bite at the apple―IndyRef2―is being widely discussed, and one recent opinion pollshows it leading to a pro-independence result.

Elections European Union

Long Take

Sep 17, 2019

First glimpses of Tokayev’s Kazakhstan: The listening state?

By S. Frederick Starr

Steps towards reform in politics, law, economics, administration, civil society, and foreign relations by the new Kazakh president should compel the United States and its allies to take a more engaged and active approach to Kazakhstan.

Central Asia Democratic Transitions