China’s faltering zero COVID policy

As Beijing doubles down on “dynamic clearing,” widely known as the “zero COVID” policy, our experts continue to unpack the domestic political drivers, economic repercussions, and the political, diplomatic, and human costs.

How badly has the recent turn in Beijing’s policy undermined the domestic narrative of China’s superior pandemic response and the stature of Xi Jinping’s rule? Explore content below to learn more.

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May 25, 2023

Global Sanctions Dashboard: US and G7 allies target Russia’s evasion and procurement networks

By Kimberly Donovan, Maia Nikoladze, Benjamin Mossberg and Castellum.AI

Tackling export controls circumvention by Russia; the enforcement and effectiveness of the oil price cap; the failure of the US sanctions policy towards Sudan, and how to fix it.

Africa Economic Sanctions


Mar 24, 2023

Global Sanctions Dashboard: What to do with sanctioned Russian assets

By Kimberly Donovan, Maia Nikoladze

Immediate steps for seizing the sanctioned Russian oligarch assets; concerns with the confiscation of Russian sovereign assets; Georgia's proposed foreign agent law.

Economic Sanctions Europe & Eurasia


Mar 7, 2023

Fractured foundations: Assessing risks to Hong Kong’s business environment

By Logan Wright

The report analyzes in detail the risks to the commercial operating environment in Hong Kong that have emerged since the 2020 introduction of the National Security Law.

China East Asia


Jan 26, 2023

Global Sanctions Dashboard: How sanctions will further squeeze the Russian economy in 2023

By Charles Lichfield, Maia Nikoladze, and Castellum.AI

The effects of sanctions on the Russian economy; Venezuela's pursuit of lifting energy sanctions; the plans for screening EU-US outbound investment going into China.

China Economic Sanctions


Dec 8, 2022

The numbers that drove China’s Zero-COVID policy

By Niels Graham

China's adherence to zero-COVID was primarily driven by poor vaccination rates among seniors and weak health care infrastructure. As the country opens, both factors remain key health risks.

China Coronavirus


Dec 8, 2022

Holes in the great fire wall: Dissent and protests in China

By Digital Forensic Research Lab

At 360/StratCom, the DFRLab hosted a panel of experts on China’s Communist Party, surveillance architecture, protest, and the information environment for a conversation on the implications of recent events for China.

China Coronavirus

New Atlanticist

Nov 28, 2022

Experts react: What this wave of protests means for the future of the Chinese Communist Party

By Atlantic Council experts

How is the CCP likely to scramble to save face in the midst of rare protests—and will its efforts even work? Our experts give their takes on what the future holds.

China Freedom and Prosperity

Issue Brief

Nov 28, 2022

How the Chinese government is financing its way to becoming a techno-superpower

By Ngor Luong

Beijing is committed to becoming a state-led and self-sufficient techno-superpower. In doing so, the Chinese government is consolidating its influence in both the domestic market and overseas markets where Chinese firms are active, while simultaneously mobilizing public, private, and public-private investment vehicles to support these tech ambitions.

China Economy & Business

Fast Thinking

Nov 28, 2022

Is China facing another Tiananmen moment?

By Atlantic Council

Our experts break down how far China's anti-lockdown protest movement could go, what kind of threat it poses to Xi’s government, and what the world should expect next.

China Coronavirus


Nov 23, 2022

US-China competition after the US midterms and the CCP 20th Congress

By Hung Tran

For the first time since becoming President, Joe Biden met face-to-face with Secretary General Xi Jinping on November 14, 2022, at the outset of the G20 Summit in Bali, Indonesia. Against the backdrop of rising tensions between the two countries, the United States hoped it would “put a floor under the relationship.” But the recent […]

China Economy & Business