Nordex USA wind-turbine nacelle manufacturing plant, Jonesboro, Arkansas


Aug 15, 2023

Post-IRA, offshore wind has become a partisan lightning rod. Here’s how to fix that.

By Joseph Webster

Linking offshore wind to complementary industries may help de-politicize the technology. The most important way for the offshore wind industry to ensure bipartisan buy-in, however, is to reduce consumer costs.

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California Home Solar


Aug 14, 2023

The IRA is transforming the US energy system—starting with homes

By Julia Pyper

One year after the IRA, the collective actions of households are powering a historic effort to modernize the US energy system by increasing system resilience, accelerating decarbonization, and bolstering economic stability. 

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Rooftop solar garden


Aug 10, 2023

Launching the IRA’s Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund could lessen the energy burden for low-income communities

By Ken Berlin, Frank Willey

To maximize the benefits of the GGRF, stakeholders should prioritize projects that most reduce the energy burden in low-income communities and address the barriers to investing in low-income communities.

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Man holding an incandescent bulb.


Aug 9, 2023

The IRA supercharged US R&D. But does it go far enough?

By William Tobin

The IRA intends to stake a claim for US leadership in decarbonization by providing much needed funding for key clean energy research programs. However, US R&D spending has still not reached parity with historical levels.

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Protesters in Germany hold a sign reading "Save the energy transition! Sun and wind instead of fracking, coal and nuclear!"


Aug 9, 2023

The IRA challenges the European climate model

By Friedbert Pflüger

Europeans are starting to realize their leadership in the energy transition is not as secure as previously believed. They are seeing the profound competition posed by the IRA—and the economic forces it unleashes.

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Solar panel installation in Oregon, courtesy of OregonDOT


Aug 8, 2023

To deliver on IRA objectives, expand the clean energy workforce

By Paddy Ryan, Maia Sparkman

Upskilling and growing the US labor force for the clean energy transition is a must for delivering the economic and climate objectives of the Inflation Reduction Act.

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A river in Denver Colorado


Jul 11, 2023

How cities can drive the energy transition in the Western Hemisphere

By Maia Sparkman, Willow Fortunoff

Expanding access to critical minerals and increasing manufacturing capacity is at the top of the Biden administration’s decarbonization agenda. Mayors, who have shown their ability to deliver on domestic investment projects, have begun exploring opportunities for international collaboration.

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Transmission and clean energy


Jun 8, 2023

The debt-ceiling permitting deal misses the real problems holding back the energy transition

By Ken Berlin, Frank Willey

The debt ceiling bill introduces changes to reform the permitting process in the United States. But the legislation will do little to clear blockages in the permitting queue. To meet climate targets, legislators must adopt additional measures that are specific to transmission and renewable interconnection.

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Mar 31, 2023

Green investment takes the lead: Japan’s revamped approach in Africa

By Emi Yasukawa

Japan's approach to Africa is becoming more investment-based, instead of relying just on aid. Japanese companies and banks have recalibrated their strategies and are looking to advance continent-wide development.

Africa Energy & Environment


Mar 28, 2023

Country spotlight: Unlocking a high-energy future for Zambia

By Maia Sparkman, William Tobin

Smart private sector investment in Zambia could drive a high-energy, high-growth future as the country reforms. This could make Zambia a model for neighboring countries looking to advance their own energy transformations.

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