Dec 7, 2022

The White House’s new deputy cyber director: Tech’s challenges are society’s challenges

By Nick Fouriezos

Camille Stewart Gloster, the inaugural deputy national cyber director for technology and ecosystem security, spoke at the DFRLab's 360/StratCom about her newly created office's ambitious agenda to address a wide scope of cyber challenges.

Cybersecurity Technology & Innovation


Dec 7, 2022

Camille Stewart breaks down the Office of the National Cyber Director’s whole-of-society strategy

By Atlantic Council

Camille Stewart Gloster, the inaugural deputy national cyber director for technology & ecosystem, is defining the role that the United States' new Office of the National Cyber Director can play.

Technology & Innovation


Dec 7, 2022

Can the Freedom Online Coalition live up to its potential?

By Atlantic Council

The Freedom Online Coalition has operated with varied success. As the US prepares to take over as chair of the body, civil society leaders who helped launch and shape the Coalition discuss how it can best be leveraged to advance a proactively democratic digital world.

Technology & Innovation

Turkey News Roundup

Dec 7, 2022

Latest news from Turkey and Turkish foreign policy

By Atlantic Council in Turkey

Below is a selection of articles on Turkey we have been following, covering the most important recent issues. Istanbul Bombing and Syria Strikes Biden-Erdogan Meeting Turkey-Israel Relations Turkey in COP27


Inflection Points

Dec 4, 2022

Autocratic setbacks offer Biden his ‘inflection point’ for democracies

By Frederick Kempe

This year has been a tough one for the world’s worst authoritarians: Russian President Vladimir Putin, Chinese leader Xi Jinping, and Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

China Conflict

Aviso LatAm: COVID-19

Dec 3, 2022

Aviso LatAm: December 3, 2022

Latin America and the Caribbean's stagnation is 'worse than the 1980s'

Brazil Caribbean
Original photo of the Polish PM, which was digitally altered and amplified on Telegram. (Source: @PremierRP/archive)

New Atlanticist

Dec 2, 2022

Russian War Report: Russian Telegram channel spreads digitally modified photo of Poland’s prime minister

By Digital Forensic Research Lab

Russian Telegram channels disseminated a manipulated photo showing Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki at a monument during his visit to Ukraine.

Conflict Disinformation
Military drone operators in eastern Ukraine

Atlantic Council Strategy Paper Series

Nov 30, 2022

Preparing for victory: A long-haul strategy to help Ukraine win the war against Russia—and secure the peace

By Stephen J. Hadley, William Taylor, John E. Herbst, Matthew Kroenig, Melinda Haring, and Jeffrey Cimmino

Ukraine’s counteroffensives, backed by expanded and accelerated US and allied support, continue to push Russian forces out of Ukrainian territory, although at a reduced rate. These hard-won successes, however, bring with them possible challenges that also must be addressed. 

Europe & Eurasia Politics & Diplomacy

New Atlanticist

Nov 30, 2022

Russia Crisis Military Assessment: Can Ukraine press its offensive this winter?

By Atlantic Council military fellows

Ukraine must carefully balance the allure of capitalizing on momentum against a weakened opponent with the challenge of sustaining hard-won gains through the winter.

Conflict Russia

Atlantic Debrief

Nov 30, 2022

#AtlanticDebrief – What is in store for US-French relations? | A Debrief from Georgina Wright

Europe Center Senior Director Jörn Fleck speaks with Institut Montaigne's Senior Fellow and Director of the Europe Program, Georgina Wright, to discuss President Macron's state visit to Washington, DC, US-French relations, and more.

Economy & Business European Union