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China-MENA Podcast January 24, 2023

China’s Vision for a New World Order

By Atlantic Council


Key takeaways

  • China’s opposing view against the international order
  • China’s Global Development Initiative and Global Security Initiative
  • China’s narrative to the world as a rising power in the geopolitical stage
  • China’s control and strategy in maintaining power locally and globally


[00:00] Introduction
[02:16] Global order
[07:38] China’s view against the international order
[15:07] Overview of GDI and GSI
[24:50] China’s solution to the world’s fundamental problems
[39:46] China’s political values
[48:08] The resilience and adaptability of one-party rule in China

In this episode

Nadège Rolland
Distinguished Fellow
China Studies

The National Bureau of Asian Research

Nadège Rolland is a Distinguished Fellow, China Studies, at the National Bureau of Asian Research (NBR). Her research focuses mainly on China’s foreign and defense policy, grand strategy, and the articulation of China’s vision for itself as a great power on the world stage. Her most recent project examines where the African continent fits in relation to China’s overall strategic vision and identifies the main instruments used by Beijing to achieve its objectives. “A New Great Game? Situating Africa in China’s Strategic Thinking,” published in June 2021, is the first of a series of reports she edited: “(In)Roads and Outposts: Critical Infrastructure in China’s Africa Strategy” (2022) and “Political Front Lines: China’s Pursuit of Influence in Africa” (2022). Before joining the NBR, Rolland served for two decades as an analyst and Senior Advisor on Asian and Chinese strategic issues to the French Ministry of Defense, for which she has been awarded the Medal of Honor.

China’s rise to power has led to discussions about whether the country will support or try to change the current international system. China has both supported and been dissatisfied with certain aspects of the system, demonstrating a preference for a Chinese-led global order via the Belt and Road Initiative and Global Development and Security Initiatives.

To better understand the actions of China, in this episode, we invited Nadege Rolland, a Distinguished Fellow of China Studies at the National Bureau of Asian Research (NBR). Nadege will share an overview of China’s initiatives, the perspective of other countries towards China’s rise in the global economy, and whether China will continue to support the existing global order or try to change it.

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Where does the success of China come from exactly? And what constitutes this success? You will see that there is a lot to it, that it is more about the liberal elements that have allowed for China’s success now

Nadege Rolland

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