Reforming Ukraine’s energy sector is critical to its national security and development. In recent years, the country has undertaken significant efforts to reform aspects of the energy sector, including the electricity and gas markets and regulatory and tariff systems. Prospects for renewable energy sources continue to be explored, along with international investment opportunities in the Ukrainian energy market.


Nov 21, 2018

Beyond borderlands: ensuring the sovereignty of all nations of Eastern Europe

By John E. Herbst

Territories between great powers—borderlands—have always been areas of strife. So it is with the countries caught between Russia and the West, those that were once part of the Soviet Union or firmly within its sphere of influence.

At this event, the Atlantic Council hosts Razumkov Centre expert, Mr. Volodymyr Omelchenko, director of the Energy Programs, to present a publication on the role of Ukraine’s energy sector in global energy processes. This is followed by panel discussions which will explore the current state of energy in Ukraine, immediate and long-term strategies for reform and development, and Ukraine’s place in the global energy sector.

New Atlanticist

Dec 13, 2018

Opposition to Nord Stream 2 gathers steam on both sides of the Atlantic

By Agnia Grigas

Although largely symbolic gestures, these actions signal growing bipartisan opposition in Washington and a hardening of Brussels’ stance toward Nord Stream 2.

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The first panel on opportunities for Expansion and Investment in the Ukrainian Energy Sector is joined in conversation by Ms. Svitlana Chekunova, leading expert, Energy Programs, Razumkov Centre; Mr. Edward Chow, non-resident senior associate, Energy and National Security, Center for Strategic and International Studies; adjunct professor, Georgetown University; Dr. Victor Logatskiy, leading expert, Energy Programs, Razumkov Centre; Mr. Vadym Pozharsky, director of the board, Burisma Group; and is moderated by Dr. Anders Åslund, senior fellow, Eurasia Center, Atlantic Council.

The second discussion on Ukrainian energy in the global context features Dr. Maksym Biliavskyi, leading expert, Energy Programs, Razumkov Centre; Dr. Ariel Cohen, senior fellow, Eurasia Center, Atlantic Council; Ambassador Richard Morningstar, founding director and chairman, Global Energy Center, Atlantic Council; Mr. Volodymyr Omelchenko, Director, Energy Programs, Razumkov Centre; and is moderated by Ms. Melinda Haring, editor, UkraineAlert, Atlantic Council.

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