Dr. Carla Norrlöf is a nonresident senior fellow with the Atlantic Council’s GeoEconomics Center. Her research is on theories of international cooperation with a special focus on great powers particularly US hegemony in the areas of money, trade and security. Her academic work has been published by Cambridge University Press, MIT Press and Oxford University Press, the Canadian Journal of Political Science, Conflict Management and Peace Science, Cambridge Review of International Affairs, Cooperation and Conflict, International Affairs, International Political Science Review, International Security, International Studies Perspectives, Review of International Political Economy and Security Studies. Her opinion pieces have featured in Foreign Affairs, the Monkey Cage (Washington Post), Newsweek and the Globe & Mail.

Prior to joining Atlantic Council, Norrlöf was a visiting research professor at the Finnish Institute of International Affairs (Helsinki), associate professor of Political Science at the University of Toronto, senior fellow at Massey College, and a research associate with the Graduate Institute of International Studies (Geneva). She is the author of America’s Global Advantage, an analysis of America’s commercial, financial and military hegemony (Cambridge University Press), Dollar Hegemony, a power analysis of global currency status and transition (Review of International Political Economy) and Is US Grand Strategy Self-Defeating? with William C. Wohlforth, a quantitative analysis of the contribution of US military spending to US public debt and its implications for US foreign policy (Conflict Management and Peace Science).