Peter Huessy was a nonresident senior fellow in the Forward Defense practice of the Atlantic Council’s Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security. He is concurrently president of Geostrategic Analysis, a national-security and defense-policy firm he founded in 1981. He is also a consultant and senior fellow at the Hudson Institute specializing in nuclear deterrence and modernization, arms control, and defense policy.

As a defense consultant to the Institute for Foreign Policy Analysis, National Defense University Foundation, and Air Force Association, he has helped leaders in industry, Congress, and the US Air Force better understand the strategic threats to the United States and the need for a second-to-none nuclear deterrent as well as a credible arms control agenda. He currently is a consultant to the Strategic Deterrent Coalition, helping industry to better understand US nuclear deterrent policy.

Since 1983, Huessy has hosted a series of over 1,250 breakfast seminars on Capitol Hill on nuclear deterrence, missile defense, arms control, defense policy, strategic airlift, strategic bombers, space policy, and the National Nuclear Security Administration. Since 2010, Huessy has created and hosted twenty-two Nuclear Triad Symposia in cooperation with US military base commanders and civic leader associations. Huessy has also served in several positions in the 1970s in the Department of the Interior and on Capitol Hill.

Huessy has written over one thousand op-eds for publications such as the Washington Times and writes a weekly column on nuclear deterrence issues for the National Interest. He also appears frequently on radio and television, including on CSPAN and CNN, and on the Don Smith show as a weekly podcast guest focusing on nuclear matters. He often appears as a guest on John Batchelor’s “Eye on the World” on CBS Radio.

Huessy was a creator of and top adviser to a nuclear handbook published by Louisiana Tech Research Institute in 2020 entitled Understanding Nuclear Deterrence in an Era of Great Power Competition. In 1972, Huessy received three bachelor’s degrees from Beloit College and, in 1975, received a master of international affairs from Columbia University’s School of International Affairs.