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Tue, Jul 21, 2020

To pave the way for a sustainable recovery, show the data

There is a disconnect between a continued focus on traditional metrics judging economic growth on the one hand and the absence of sustainability metrics being presented to policymakers

New Atlanticist by Valerie Rouxel-Laxton

Coronavirus Inclusive Growth

Thu, May 30, 2019

What will it take to reconcile Europeans with their own parliament?

This year's European parliamentary elections, rather than being about the “European project,” played a role in exposing the dividing lines on policy choices made at the European level.

New Atlanticist by Valerie Rouxel-Laxton

Elections European Union

Mon, Oct 15, 2018

Global economic leaders should prepare for ‘unknown unknowns’ of climate change

he economic and financial leaders gathered in Bali last week have the influence to drive change, which can only be addressed through significant international cooperation. Will our leaders rise to the challenge?

New Atlanticist by Valerie Rouxel-Laxton

Climate Change & Climate Action Renewables & Advanced Energy

Valerie Rouxel-Laxton specializes in international economic issues, European integration, economic policies, and global governance. She recently headed the Economic and Financial Affairs section at the Delegation of the European Union to the United States in Washington, DC (2012 – 2017). In that role, Dr. Rouxel-Laxton was responsible for conducting analysis and reporting on macroeconomic developments in US and European economies, and representing the European Union (EU) on economic matters in the United States.

Previously, she served as head of sector for G-20 countries at the European Commission’s Directorate General for Economic and Financial Affairs (2010 – 2012), and before that as deputy head at the unit for American and Asian Economies, at the International Monetary Foundation (IMF), and G7/8. She started her career at the EU as a labor market analyst, and as a forecaster and business cycle analyst.

Dr. Rouxel-Laxton holds a PhD in international economics from the Graduate Institute in Geneva, and a master’s degree in political science and international relations from the Institut d’Etudes Politiques, Lyon. She speaks English, French, Spanish and German, and has some notions of Russian.