IV. Annual Report 2020/2021: Financial summary

By many measures, 2020 was the most successful year for the Atlantic Council. In this section we set out the numbers and trends that have helped us grow into one of the world’s leading ideas organizations.

We have come out of the worst pandemic in a century financially stronger, operationally improved, and substantively more robust, reaching the largest global audiences in our history.

Frederick Kempe, President & CEO, Atlantic Council

Diversity of support

Over a decade of revenue and net asset growth

Honor roll of contributors

Annual Report

Nov 9, 2021

Honor roll of contributors

The Atlantic Council is grateful for the generous support it receives from private foundations; US and non-US government agencies, companies, and individuals. These supporters enable the Council to continue its quality programming and timely analysis, thereby allowing it to pursue its mission of renewing the Atlantic community for global challenges.

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Image: Unsplash/Frank Busch