Fri, Jul 31, 2020

Polish PM calls for transatlantic unity on troop deployments and China

Speaking at an Atlantic Council Front Page event, Morawiecki argued that “the NATO alliance is so important for the world to keep peace,” that allies must continue to work toward “consensus” in their actions.

New Atlanticist by David A. Wemer

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Fri, Jul 31, 2020

Charai in the National Interest: America must become a world model again

In recent years, America has become a country engulfed in turmoil, withdrawn from the world, wanting for leadership. Yet, all over the world, people still wish for a revival of values-driven American leadership. Read Atlantic Council Board Director Ahmed Charai's latest in the National Interest on the need for the United States to become a global role model again.

In the News by Atlantic Council

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Fri, Jul 31, 2020

UK’s Johnson postpones easing, Hong Kong postpones poll; Sanofi, Glaxo sign US vaccine deal

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson delayed easing coronavirus restrictions, while Hong Kong put back legislative elections by a year, citing infection concerns. New cases were recorded from Tokyo to Manila and the Australian state of Victoria. Sanofi and GlaxoSmithKline clinched a deal, the biggest yet, on the supply of a potential vaccine to the US government.

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Fri, Jul 31, 2020

From Vietnam to coronavirus: The US can’t win

The COVID-19 pandemic is now the enemy. While the memory of Vietnam and other military failures is distant, those lessons of how to avoid and the reasons for disaster are as applicable today as they were then.

Blog Post by Harlan Ullman

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Thu, Jul 30, 2020

The foreign worker freeze will not solve high US unemployment

The administration’s restrictive approach to immigration cannot be attributed to the pandemic economy alone, as evidenced by sweeping measures even before COVID-19, including historically low refugee admission numbers and increased penalties for asylum seekers. The freeze will also likely do more harm than good to the US economy.

New Atlanticist by Amy Jeon

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Thu, Jul 30, 2020

The coronavirus crisis and statelessness in Ukraine

For the estimated 35,000 stateless people living in Ukraine, access to even the most basic resources like food, medicine, and hygienic products, has been all but cut off due to the coronavirus pandemic.

UkraineAlert by Andrew D’Anieri

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Thu, Jul 30, 2020

Sri Lanka’s parliamentary elections will shape its political future—likely for the worse

With complications from the coronavirus pandemic, during which the Sri Lankan election commission has struggled to ensure that voting will be free, fair, and safe for all, the twice-delayed election may favor President Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s party, allowing it to strike down a significant constitutional amendment and move Sri Lanka further into China’s orbit of influence.

New Atlanticist by Phillip Baumgart

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Wed, Jul 29, 2020

Hard political realities threaten Ukraine’s soft power ambitions

The Ukrainian Institute was established in 2018 in order to make the most of the country's untapped soft power potential, but this cultural diplomacy initiative faces numerous political and bureaucratic obstacles.

UkraineAlert by Marina Pesenti

Civil Society Politics & Diplomacy

Wed, Jul 29, 2020

Ullman in UPI: From Vietnam to coronavirus: The U.S. can’t win

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Wed, Jul 29, 2020

Fighting COVID-19 with surveillance: Perspectives from across the globe

As more countries rely on digital tools to contain the spread of COVID-19, how will enhanced surveillance challenge privacy norms in the future? According to the World Health Organization, public health surveillance is critical to containing the pandemic. However, can enhanced surveillance during a public health crisis set precedents for digital surveillance in the future?

New Atlanticist by Simon Handler and Lily Liu

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Wed, Aug 12, 2020

Practical steps societies can take to pilot data trusts

ONLINE EVENT – A live discussion on how societies can pilot Data Trusts for public good.