Defense Industrialist

Dec 6, 2016

Innovation before scale

By Steve Grundman, James Hasik

A better business model for transnational armaments cooperation The Royal United Services Institution has just published in RUSI Journal (vol. 161, no. 5, October–November 2016) the latest long essay of the Defense Industrialist project of the Atlantic Council. The abstract encapsulates our argument:     The traditional business model of transnational cooperation in armaments development and production is not […]

Defense Industry Economy & Business

Defense Industrialist

Oct 7, 2016

More rapidly remaking the military

By James Hasik

Rapid capabilities offices, incremental investments, and a wave of public entrepreneurship may signal some needed cultural change. Egypt is getting more MRAPs. As Defense Industry Daily reported Wednesday, the US Defense Department is sending a second batch of surplus armored vehicles—to match the 762 already sent—“to equip Egyptian soldiers tackling Islamist militants in the Sinai […]

Defense Industry Economy & Business


Jun 27, 2016

Frozen Conflicts: A Tool Kit for US Policymakers

By Agnia Grigas

“Since the 1990s, a number of separatist movements and conflicts have challenged the borders of the states of the former Soviet Union and created quasi-independent territories under Russian influence and control,” states Agnia Grigas, a senior nonresident fellow at the Atlantic Council’s Dinu Patriciu Eurasia Center, in the opening of her new report, Frozen Conflicts: A […]

Conflict Crisis Management

In the News

May 24, 2016

Slavin in Voice of America: Vietnam and the Obama Legacy of Engagement

By Barbara Slavin

Read the full article here.

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In the News

May 31, 2015

Hasik on Combatting GPS Jammers

By James Hasik

Defense News quotes Brent Scowcroft Center Nonresident Senior Fellow James Hasik on building precision guided munitions that resist the threat of GPS jammers:

Security & Defense Weapons Trafficking

Defense Industrialist

Mar 31, 2015

Force Structure That’s Too Big to Fail?

By James Hasik

Against more challenging adversaries, temper enthusiasm for returns to scale. Ever since I was a midshipman—way back under a Navy Secretary named Lehman—pundits, analysts, and strategists have been wondering whether the US Navy’s supercarriers are too big. And so again in 2015. The new Ford-class ships are a few billion more expensive than their Nimitz predecessors, and Senate […]

Drones National Security

New Atlanticist

Jun 18, 2013

Obama’s Confusing Syria Calculus

By Rajan Menon

There’s something morally perplexing about President Obama’s stance on the war in Syria. It’s not any clearer in its strategic logic.

Security & Defense Syria

New Atlanticist

Jun 12, 2013

Can the West Afford Not to Act in Syria?

By Ulrich Speck

The civil war in Syria reveals many uncomfortable truths about today’s geopolitics. One of them is that the EU has made little progress on a common foreign policy in the last two decades.

European Union International Organizations

New Atlanticist

Jun 11, 2013

Will the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty Be Effective?

By Alex Ward and Morgan Timme

Earlier this month, states that participated in the UN Conference on the Arms Trade Treaty last March were allowed to sign the document. The ATT—designed to curb the sale of small arms and ammunition to terrorists, criminal gangs, and organizations committing human rights violations or genocide—passed a UN General Assembly vote with 154 in favor, […]

International Organizations Politics & Diplomacy

New Atlanticist

Jun 7, 2013

US Is Syria’s Only Hope

By R. Nicholas Burns

Syria’s savage civil war may have just entered a new and darker phase. During the past few weeks, momentum has shifted sharply away from the rebels in favor of the Syrian dictator Bashar Assad. The real possibility that his government, long presumed to be on life support, may now survive is bad news for rebel […]

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