Franklin D. Kramer

  • NATO Initiatives for an Era of Global Competition

    Franklin D. Kramer, Atlantic Council vice chair and member of the Strategic Advisors Group (SAG), recommends five initiatives for NATO designed to respond to global challenges in both the immediate and longer term.

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  • Jonathan Greenert – Keynote Speech Transcript

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    • CDR Philip Walker, Senior Fellow, Atlantic Council
    • Franklin D. Kramer, Former Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs & Vice Chair, Atlantic Council
    • ADM Jonathan Greenert, Vice Chief of Naval Operations

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  • First Annual Members' Conference - Cyber-Defense, National Security, and International Cooperation

    Summary of the breakout conversation "Cyber-Defense, National Security and International Cooperation" at the 2009 Annual Members' Conference.


    Chaired by Hon. Franklin D. Kramer,* Former Assistant Secretary of Defense; Vice Chair, Atlantic Council; Member, Atlantic Council Strategic Advisors Group
    Lt. Gen. Kenneth Minihan, USAF (Ret.), Former Director of the NSA and DIA
    Mr. Brian James Saunders, Counselor, Embassy of the United Kingdom
    Hon. Walter Slocombe,* Former Under Secretary of Defense for Policy; Vice Chair, Atlantic Council; Member, Atlantic Council Strategic Advisors Group
    Dr. Paul Twomey,* Senior President, ICANN

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  • Taiwan In Search of a Strategic Consensus

    This Issue Brief is based in part on an Atlantic Council delegation trip to Taiwan in December 2005, led by Franklin D. Kramer, chairman of the Council’s Committee on Asia and Global Security, and including Jan M. Lodal, president of the Council, and Council board members, Julia Chang Bloch, John L. Fugh, and Helmut Sonnenfeldt, as well as Banning Garrett, director of Asia Programs, Jonathan M. Adams, Asia Programs assistant director, and Ellen Frost, senior fellow at the Institute of International Economics. Banning Garrett, Jonathan Adams and Franklin Kramer wrote this Issue Brief which was endorsed by the other members of the delegation.

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