Jun 20, 2024

What the end of petrodollars means

By Hung Tran

Saudi Arabia’s decision marks a small but symbolic step down the road toward de-dollarization.

Economy & Business International Markets


Jun 17, 2024

India outpaces the rest of the G20 in gold purchases

By Josh Lipsky, Alisha Chhangani

In the last four months alone, India has added over twenty-four metric tons to its reserves—more than what the country had purchased in all of 2023.

Economy & Business India

Fintech Frontlines

Jun 14, 2024

Designing a blueprint for open, free and trustworthy digital economies

By Carole House

US digital policy must be aimed at improving national security, defending human freedom, dignity, and economic growth while ensuring necessary accountability for the integrity of the technological bedrock.

Artificial Intelligence Cybersecurity

Fast Thinking

Jun 13, 2024

Ukraine’s fight against Russia gets three boosts from the G7

By Atlantic Council

Fifty billion dollars, a new US-Ukraine security agreement, and more sanctions on Russia. Atlantic Council experts delve into the latest developments from Italy.

Conflict Economic Sanctions

Experts react

Jun 13, 2024

Experts react: Ukraine gets $50 billion from Russian assets and a US security deal at the G7 summit

By Atlantic Council experts

Our experts dig into the agreements reached at the G7 summit and how they might reshape Ukraine’s war against Russian aggression.

Conflict Crisis Management


Jun 13, 2024

Low employment: The Achilles’ heel of Modi’s economic model

By Hung Tran

The challenge to Modi in the next five years is to carry out a balancing act between maintaining the recent growth momentum and making it more inclusive by providing regular employment.

Economy & Business Inclusive Growth

New Atlanticist

Jun 12, 2024

Seven charts that will define the G7 summit

By Atlantic Council GeoEconomics Center experts

These charts illustrate the essential economic data that will drive G7 leaders’ decisions when they meet in Italy from June 13 to 15.

Economic Sanctions Economy & Business

New Atlanticist

Jun 12, 2024

Europe is gearing up to hit Chinese EVs with new tariffs. Here’s why.

By Atlantic Council experts

The European Commission just proposed new tariffs on China-made electric vehicles of up to 38 percent. Atlantic Council experts explain why—and what might happen next.

China Economy & Business


Jun 7, 2024

Reconstructing Ukraine at war: The journey to prosperity starts now

By John E. Herbst, Olga Khakova, Charles Lichfield

Rebuilding the Ukrainian economy after Russia’s full-scale invasion will be a monumental task. Reconstruction can’t wait for peace and must be a well-coordinated, inclusive process.

Economy & Business Energy & Environment

New Atlanticist

Jun 4, 2024

Katherine Tai on how US and EU trade approaches must ‘evolve’ to deal with China and other global challenges

By Katherine Walla

The US trade representative said that the United States and EU should establish a community of democracies to adapt their trade approaches to a changed world.

European Union Trade