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Dec 20, 2019

Leading the free world: How America benefits

By Paul D. Miller

Americans have been the unconscious beneficiaries of a world order that would not exist without them. Just as we take for granted electricity and plumbing, so to we take for granted the peace and prosperity of our system.

China Nationalism
Candle in the Dark Destruction Cole

Atlantic Council Strategy Paper Series

Dec 10, 2019

A candle in the dark: US national security strategy for artificial intelligence

By Tate Nurkin; Stephen Rodriguez

AI is expected to have a transformational impact on the future of geopolitics, defense, and security. In this fluctuating environment, where the US is engaged in a high-stakes competition with is near-peer adversaries, and AI is enabling paradigm-shifting changes in public and private sector operations, how should the US respond?

China Conflict

Atlantic Council Strategy Paper Series

Oct 30, 2019

Present at the re-creation: A global strategy for revitalizing, adapting, and defending a rules-based international system

By Ash Jain, Matthew Kroenig

We need a new strategy—one that is both ambitious and innovative, geared towards meeting the challenges and opportunities that the new decade brings.

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Atlantic Council Strategy Paper Series

Oct 30, 2019

Global risks 2035 update: Decline or new renaissance?

By Mathew Burrows

Our conclusion in 2016’s Global Risks 2035 was that state-on-state conflict posed a bigger threat than terrorism. In the two years since, the post-Cold War order has continued to unravel without a “new normal” emerging.

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Issue Brief

Jun 14, 2019

Dark pharma: Counterfeit and contraband pharmaceuticals in Central America

By Peter Tinti

This working paper, the second in a series on the global illicit economy, focuses on the “dark pharma” trade in Central America, where no country has been spared the problem of counterfeit and contraband pharmaceuticals making their way to consumers.

Latin America Security & Defense


Apr 3, 2019

Ecology Meets Geopolitics

By Peter Engelke and David Michel

As the rivers produced by the Himalayas and other mountain ranges on the Plateau are under increasingly serious pressure, water insecurity threatens much of the continent’s peace and security.

Climate Change & Climate Action East Asia


Jun 26, 2018

The global innovation sweepstakes: a quest to win the future

By Robert A. Manning and Peter Engelke

The Global Innovation Sweepstakes: A Quest to Win the Future examines how emerging technologies will remake the global order and explores strategies for how the United States can retain its innovative edge.

Technology & Innovation United States and Canada


May 3, 2018

Borders vs. Barriers: Navigating Uncertainty in the US Business Environment

By Mathew Burrows

Geopolitical trends and shock events can disrupt, but they can also create opportunity. This report seeks to help leading organizations better understand how geopolitics affects their strategies; explore contingent scenarios; make preparations; engage with stakeholders and policymakers on local and national levels; and potentially shift operations to seize opportunity and mitigate risks, whether financial, locational, political or social.

Economy & Business United States and Canada

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Feb 20, 2018

Power and influence in a globalized world

By Mathew Burrows

Power and Influence in a Globalized World outlines the strategic framework of the international system’s capabilities and interactions amongst the global community.

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Atlantic Council Strategy Paper Series

Dec 11, 2017

Whither America

By John Raidt

The United States faces threats from outside its borders, but also from within. The political system that once created a strong, prosperous, and united nation now sows division. This report, written by John Raidt, unpacks how the fuel—money—drives the cartel’s machinations as it interacts with and exploits amplifying forces—legal, structural, media, technological, and social.

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