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Feb 9, 2023

The view from European capitals on Zelenskyy’s trip across the continent

By Atlantic Council experts

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy zipped from London to Paris to Brussels this week. His message to leaders and lawmakers was more military aid is needed.

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Atlantic Debrief

Feb 9, 2023

#AtlanticDebrief – How has France’s role on Ukraine evolved? | A Debrief with Tara Varma and Marie Jourdain

Rachel Rizzo sits down with Brookings Visiting Fellow Tara Varma and Atlantic Council Visiting Fellow Marie Jourdain to discuss the current policy debates in France on Ukraine and the future of European strategic autonomy.

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Feb 2, 2023

Russian presence at Paris Olympics risks normalizing Ukraine invasion

By Mark Temnycky

The International Olympic Committee's decision to allow Russian athletes to compete at the 2024 Paris Olympics under a neutral flag has sparked outrage from critics who say it risks normalizing the genocidal invasion of Ukraine.

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Jan 25, 2023

Tanks are vital but Ukraine will need much more to defeat Putin’s Russia

By Jeffrey Cimmino, Shelby Magid

The decision by Germany and the United States to supply Ukraine with main battle tanks is an important landmark in international efforts to counter Putin's invasion but much more is required to defeat Russia.

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New Atlanticist

Jan 20, 2023

Like it or not, Europe can only tackle its big challenges with Franco-German consensus

By Marie Jourdain, Jörn Fleck

The January 22 France-Germany summit, amid bumpy relations between the two powers, comes at a pivotal time for Europe and the transatlantic alliance.

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Igor Turashev, wanted by the FBI for his connection to computer malware that infected “tens of thousands of computers,” reportedly participated in a December 2022 Russian hackathon hosted by the Wagner Group. (Source: FBI.gov)

New Atlanticist

Jan 13, 2023

Russian War Report: Russian hacker wanted by the FBI reportedly wins Wagner hackathon prize 

By Digital Forensic Research Lab

In December 2022, Wagner Group organized a hackathon that was won by a man wanted by the FBI for his connection to computer malware.

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New Atlanticist

Jan 6, 2023

Experts react: Can new French and German weapons turn the tide in Ukraine?

By Atlantic Council experts

What do these additions mean for the battlefield? What do they signal about the positioning of France, Germany, and Europe as a whole in this protracted conflict?

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Atlantic Debrief

Dec 17, 2022

#AtlanticDebrief – What did the European Council summit reveal? | A Debrief from Dave Keating

Europe Center Nonresident Senior Fellow Damir Marusic sits down with Dave Keating, Brussels Correspondent for France24 and Europe Center Nonresident Senior Fellow, to discuss all the developments coming out of the latest #EUCO meeting.

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Dec 15, 2022

Memo to Macron: Russia doesn’t need security guarantees but Ukraine does

By Peter Dickinson

French President Emmanuel Macron has been widely criticized for calling on Europe to offer Russia security guarantees at a time when the Kremlin is using fake security concerns to justify the invasion of Ukraine.

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Atlantic Debrief

Nov 30, 2022

#AtlanticDebrief – What is in store for US-French relations? | A Debrief from Georgina Wright

Europe Center Senior Director Jörn Fleck speaks with Institut Montaigne's Senior Fellow and Director of the Europe Program, Georgina Wright, to discuss President Macron's state visit to Washington, DC, US-French relations, and more.

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