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May 25, 2023

Global Sanctions Dashboard: US and G7 allies target Russia’s evasion and procurement networks

By Kimberly Donovan, Maia Nikoladze, Benjamin Mossberg and Castellum.AI

Tackling export controls circumvention by Russia; the enforcement and effectiveness of the oil price cap; the failure of the US sanctions policy towards Sudan, and how to fix it.

Africa Economic Sanctions
Sunset at the Treasury Department


May 23, 2023

There is no alternative to US Treasuries

By Josh Lipsky

In the wake of a US default, investors searching for safe assets may have no viable alternative to US Treasuries.

China Economy & Business


May 19, 2023

Can FedNow bring the US closer to real-time payments?

By Piret Loone

This year, the US will launch its FedNow instant payment network. But even after FedNow launches, the US will still have a ways to go before consumers can access instantaneous digital payments.

Economy & Business Financial Regulation


May 15, 2023

The US debt ceiling stalemate threatens money market funds—and financial stability

By Hung Tran

Money markets would be the first to react to a debt ceiling breach, heightening market turmoil at the wrong time and helping to raise the odds of a severe recession.

Economy & Business Financial Regulation


May 10, 2023

What is the G7 still exporting to Russia? 

By Niels Graham

One year into the Russia’s invasion G7 nations continue to export nearly $5B a month to Moscow. A new proposal by the US at the G7 could greatly reduce this.

Economic Sanctions Economy & Business


May 8, 2023

Japan’s monetary trilemma is a warning to the world

By Mark Siegel

High inflation, high levels of debt, and uncertain financial stability – Washington, London, Brussels, Frankfurt and beyond have much to learn from Tokyo’s experience.

Economy & Business Financial Regulation


Apr 27, 2023

The root causes of geopolitical fragmentation

By Hung Tran

Geoeconomic fragmentation is on the rise. Policymakers need to address the root causes: inequality left in the wake of globalization, and the crisis of trust between major countries.

Americas China


Apr 26, 2023

Why emerging markets are stocking up on gold

By Phillip Meng

Financial stability concerns, sanctions, and inflation contributed to the largest net purchases of gold in over seventy years last year—raising questions about its potential role in de-dollarization.

Africa Americas


Apr 24, 2023

Practice makes perfect: What China wants from its digital currency in 2023

By Ananya Kumar

The e-CNY network has expanded over the last year, and China’s goals have only become clearer. Domestically, the People’s Bank of China is still in test-and-learn mode, globally, China is more focused on setting defining international standards.

China Cybersecurity


Apr 20, 2023

The US is relying more on China for pharmaceuticals — and vice versa 

By Niels Graham

US China trade of pharmaceutical and active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) is rapidly increasing. Supply chain mapping will be key to risk management

China Economy & Business



Apr 18, 2023

US trade agreements: Out with old and in the with new?

By Sahra English

As the United States moves ahead with a new approach to trade with the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework for Prosperity (IPEF), should it really abandon the old model of trade agreements? Or should it consider adapting the new approach to the old model?

Economy & Business Indo-Pacific


Mar 30, 2023

Chinese banking’s SVB resilience 

By Niels Graham, Josh Lipsky

Silicon Valley Bank's collapse has rippled across evert major banking hub except for China's. This is because of China's unique banking structure which emphases heavy state oversight and control while minimizing cross border connections with advanced economies

China Economy & Business


Mar 27, 2023

Loss of investor confidence and the banking crisis 

By Hung Tran

Despite the best efforts of financial authorities following the most recent banking crisis, selloffs of bank shares and capital contingent bonds have persisted. After the sale of Credit Suisse, the most poignant example of investor concerns is the market pressure on Deutsche Bank (DB).

Economy & Business European Union


Mar 24, 2023

Global Sanctions Dashboard: What to do with sanctioned Russian assets

By Kimberly Donovan, Maia Nikoladze

Immediate steps for seizing the sanctioned Russian oligarch assets; concerns with the confiscation of Russian sovereign assets; Georgia's proposed foreign agent law.

Economic Sanctions Europe & Eurasia


Mar 21, 2023

Snapshot: Which countries have made the most progress on CBDCs so far in 2023

By Alisha Chhangani

Despite only being three months into 2023, these 18 countries have made significant progress on central bank digital currencies.

Digital Currencies Economy & Business


Mar 20, 2023

The Federal Reserve’s dilemma: Choosing between monetary policy and financial stability

By Barbara C. Matthews

The monetary-policy challenge that the Fed faces now cannot be overestimated.

Economy & Business Europe & Eurasia


Mar 20, 2023

The US debt limit is a global outlier

By Mrugank Bhusari

Debt limits are not the norm in public finance. But countries that have adopted them do not let them cause economic chaos.

Economy & Business Europe & Eurasia


Mar 15, 2023

Essential but unevenly distributed: IMF’s response to sovereign debt and financial crises

By Amin Mohseni-Cheraghlou

The IMF's response to today's multifaceted challenges will require broader financing support.

Africa Economy & Business


Mar 13, 2023

Silicon Valley Bank failed: What happens next?

By Hung Tran

Even if the contagion effects are contained, risks to the financial stability of the US and the world have increased significantly. The Fed can no longer focus only on bringing down inflation, but must also avoid exacerbating financial stability risks.

Economy & Business Financial Regulation


Jan 26, 2023

Global Sanctions Dashboard: How sanctions will further squeeze the Russian economy in 2023

By Charles Lichfield, Maia Nikoladze, and Castellum.AI

The effects of sanctions on the Russian economy; Venezuela's pursuit of lifting energy sanctions; the plans for screening EU-US outbound investment going into China.

China Economic Sanctions