December 2019 was a good month for Ukrainian and European energy security. Congressional sanctions stopped Nord Stream 2 dead in the water and Ukraine closed a fair multiyear gas deal with Russia. Over the past six years, Naftogaz has proven to be a capable defender of Ukrainian energy independence. Ukraine’s new government has outlined an ambitious desire for reform, and the country’s top energy company is a key component in the process. Andriy Kobolyev, Naftogaz’s CEO, has been one of the top figures negotiating with Gazprom. Where does Naftogaz stand six years after the Maidan revolution? What is the current state of the Ukrainian energy sector? And what has been the impact on the broader European market?

This event features a fireside chat with Naftogaz CEO Andriy Kobolyev, followed by a panel discussion with Penn-Biden Center managing director and Atlantic Council senior fellow Michael Carpenter, Eurasia Center director John Herbst, and Global Energy Center founding chairman Richard Morningstar. The event is moderated by Eurasia Center deputy director Melinda Haring.


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