Andrew D’Anieri is an assistant director at the Atlantic Council’s Eurasia Center, where he primarily assists in the Council’s work on Ukraine, Central Asia, and Russia. He writes regularly for the Council’s UkraineAlert and has written for the Hill, the Diplomat, and the National Interest. He has also been interviewed by various news outlets, including BBC, Vox, and i24 News. He is a member of the Eurasia Foundation’s 2021-2022 Young Professionals Network.

Prior to joining the Council, D’Anieri served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Ukraine, where he taught English at a maritime academy. He previously held internships at Albright Stonebridge Group and in the US Senate. D’Anieri earned his bachelor’s degree in global studies and history from Colby College. He studied Russian in St. Petersburg, Russia and has served as a global ambassador for Ukrainian nonprofit organization Right to Protection.