As Putin reaches nearly twenty years in power, Amb. Alexander Vershbow, former US ambassador to Russia; Amb. Daniel Fried, former US ambassador to Poland; and Anders Åslund, senior fellow, Eurasia Center, speak to Dave Lawler from Axios about what Russia has become under Putin’s rule and what its future will look like without him.

He’s [Putin] got what I call the King Lear problem. How do you go into retirement comfortably after you’ve done the things King Lear has done? There’s a reason people are out to get you.”

Amb. Daniel Fried

“He wants to keep this bleeding wound open and try to hold Ukraine back. But it’s not really working that way.”

Amb. Alexander Vershbow

$100 – $160 billion

Vladimir Putin’s net worth, including a $1 billion palace on the Black Sea.

Anders Åslund, senior fellow, Eurasia Center

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