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On October 30, the Atlantic Council hosted a packed-room conference in our Washington office to launch two must-read reports. The first by Mat Burrows, a US intelligence community veteran and director of the Scowcroft Center’s foresight shop, was Global Risks 2035: Decline or New Renaissance? It identified the biggest threats and opportunities confronting the global community that are eroding the historical rhythm that for more than half a century has served as the foundation of the global system. We twinned that with the release of Present at the Re-Creation: A Global Strategy for Revitalizing, Adapting, and Defending a Rules-Based International System. In it, Ash Jain and Matt Kroenig propose a visionary but actionable global strategy for the future of the global system.

At a challenging time in recent history, we’re doing what we ought to do – thinking hard about the challenges and how to bring about best outcomes.

For the past seventy years, the United States and our allies have laid the foundations of a rules-based international system. But, with American global leadership in flux and autocratic powers rising, the post-World War II order is increasingly under siege. How we understand these stakes and navigate this period lies at the heart of our work.

Building on their year-long Declaration of Principles Initiative that begun to lay out the core principles for defending democracy and revitalizing a rules-based system, former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and former National Security Advisor Steve Hadley participated in a thought-provoking panel, moderated by Washington Post columnist David Ignatius. For those of you who were unable to join us, please click below to see the reports in full.

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