Nov 30, 2022

As Putin retreats in Ukraine, he is also losing Kazakhstan

By Kamila Auyezova

Putin's rapidly unraveling invasion of Ukraine is eroding Russian influence throughout the former Soviet Empire. This process of imperial retreat is nowhere more visible than in Kazakhstan, writes Kamila Auyezova.

Central Asia China


Nov 7, 2022

The international community must prepare for a post-Putin Russia

By Francis M. O’Donnell

With little hope of a meaningful settlement as long as Vladimir Putin remains in power, the international community should seek pathways to a lasting peace with a future post-Putin Russia, writes Francis O’Donnell.

Civil Society Conflict


Nov 3, 2022

Russia hopes a winter wave of Ukrainian refugees will divide Europe

By Kristen Taylor

Russia's campaign of airstrikes against Ukraine's civilian infrastructure aims to spark a humanitarian crisis and fuel a new winter season refugee wave that Moscow hopes will undermine European support for Ukraine.

Conflict European Union


Oct 25, 2022

Poll: 86% of Ukrainians want to fight on despite Russian terror bombing

By Peter Dickinson

Vladimir Putin's campaign to destroy Ukraine's critical civilian infrastructure marks a dramatic escalation in the Russian invasion of Ukraine as the increasingly desperate Russian ruler seeks to avert military defeat.

Conflict Human Rights

Fast Thinking

Oct 24, 2022

What to expect from Rishi Sunak’s Britain

By Atlantic Council

Can Sunak steady the markets, the country, and the Conservative Party? How will minority communities in Britain view a history-making prime minister of Indian descent?

Democratic Transitions Europe & Eurasia


Oct 7, 2022

Vladimir Putin has little reason to celebrate on his seventieth birthday

By Peter Dickinson

Vladimir Putin marks his seventieth birthday on October 7 but the Russian ruler has little reason to celebrate as his disastrous Ukraine invasion continues to unravel leaving Russia increasingly internationally isolated.

Central Asia Conflict
Ceremony to declare Russia's annexation of four Ukrainian territories held in Moscow

New Atlanticist

Sep 30, 2022

Russian War Report: Putin illegally annexes Ukrainian territory

On September 30, Russian President Putin officially annexed four Ukrainian oblasts, incorporating them into Russia. The announcement was met with swift global condemnation.

Conflict Disinformation


Sep 27, 2022

Putin threatens to increase attacks on Ukraine’s civilian infrastructure

By Victor Kevluk

Vladimir Putin has threatened to destroy Ukrainian civilian infrastructure in a targeted campaign designed to crush the country's will to resist the ongoing Russian invasion.

Conflict Energy & Environment

New Atlanticist

Sep 8, 2022

How South Asian countries can protect their migrant workers abroad

By Elaine Zhang

India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh have a role to play in creating safer and more prosperous conditions for their citizens working abroad.

Human Rights Inclusive Growth

In the News

Sep 1, 2022

Shahid quoted in BehanBox: Navigating statelessness: How laws fail Bangladeshi trafficking survivors in India

By Atlantic Council

Bangladesh Human Rights