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Feb 9, 2024

Dickinson interviewed by Radio Tavisupleba, RFE/RL’s Georgian service

By Atlantic Council

Georgian Political Reform

Russia Tomorrow

Feb 2, 2024

Russia Tomorrow: Five scenarios for Russia’s future

By Casey Michel

A new Atlantic Council report explores five paths that Russia future might take in its future. What forces will shape Russia’s future?

Europe & Eurasia Political Reform


Feb 2, 2024

Power Vertical Podcast: Five scenarios for Russia’s future

By Atlantic Council

What will Russia look like in ten years, or twenty? Host Brian Whitmore speaks with Casey Michel, the author of a new Atlantic Council report on Russia's future.

Europe & Eurasia Political Reform


Feb 1, 2024

Wartime Ukraine ranks among world’s top performers in anti-corruption index

By Peter Dickinson

Ukraine’s partners are right to expect maximum accountability, but there are currently no grounds for abandoning the country based on claims of corruption that are both exaggerated and outdated, writes Peter Dickinson.

Civil Society Conflict


Jan 16, 2024

Atlantic Council Commission on Defense Innovation Adoption: Final report

By Whitney M. McNamara, Peter Modigliani, Matthew MacGregor, and Eric Lofgren*

The DoD must accelerate defense innovation adoption from the leading edge of the private sector. This report has ten recommendations to do so and features eight vignettes that explore how these actions may play out in practice.

Artificial Intelligence Defense Policy


Jan 13, 2024

Iraq’s prime minister is sending mixed messages on whether US forces should withdraw or not

By Abbas Kadhim

It would not be an exaggeration to state that US-Iraqi relations are rapidly approaching the dynamics observed under the Trump administration in 2020.

Defense Policy Iraq


Jan 11, 2024

False promises: The authoritarian development models of China and Russia

By Joseph Lemoine, Dan Negrea, Patrick Quirk, Lauren Van Metre

Are authoritarian regimes more successful than free countries in offering prosperity to their people? The answer is decidedly no, yet China and Russia advertise the “benefits” and “promise” of their authoritarian development model. This paper showcases why and how the authoritarian development model is inferior to that of free societies.

China Democratic Transitions


Jan 9, 2024

The case for a new Ukrainian Constitution

By Brian Mefford

As Ukraine fights for its survival as a nation, it may be time to adopt a new constitution that matches the country's current realities and future ambitions, writes Brian Mefford.

Civil Society Conflict

New Atlanticist

Jan 2, 2024

Six ways for the US to put democracy back on the global agenda in 2024

By Patrick Quirk

As 2024 begins, the Biden administration must take urgent steps to put its pro-democracy rhetoric into action in key theaters around the world.

Africa Americas


Jan 2, 2024

Ukraine’s wartime economy is performing surprisingly well

By Anders Åslund

The Ukrainian government is to be congratulated for its considerable accomplishments on the economic front while defending itself against Europe’s largest invasion since World War II, writes Anders Åslund.

Conflict Economy & Business