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Jun 15, 2023

Prosperity that lasts: The 2023 Freedom and Prosperity Indexes 

By Dan Negrea, Joseph Lemoine

The 2023 Freedom and Prosperity Indexes measure the distribution of freedom and prosperity in 164 countries. The report explores the relationship between the two and identifies global and regional trends over the last twenty-eight years.

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Jun 1, 2022

Do countries need freedom to achieve prosperity?

By Dan Negrea, Joseph Lemoine, Matthew Kroenig, Joel Kesselbrenner

The Freedom Index and Prosperity Index are two separate indexes that rank one hundred and seventy-four countries around the world according to their levels of freedom and prosperity.

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Apr 15, 2024

How Bangladesh can achieve its vision of prosperity

By Nina Dannaoui, Joseph Lemoine

Bangladesh is forging ahead with its Vision 2041, aiming to transform into a developed and prosperous country by 2041.

Bangladesh Freedom and Prosperity

New Atlanticist

Mar 22, 2024

Ahead of its presidential election, Senegal shows that democracy requires the rule of law

By James Storen and Annie (Yu-Lin) Lee

For Senegal to cement its status as a haven of democracy, the country must prioritize judicial independence and the rule of law.

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Mar 15, 2024

Attracting foreign direct investments

By Jérémie Bertrand, Joseph Lemoine, Dan Negrea, and Caroline Perrin

Foreign direct investment (FDI) is a pivotal objective for countries seeking to bolster their economic development and global competitiveness. By delving into the relationship between freedom and FDI using the Freedom and Prosperity Indexes and examining institutional mechanisms to influence investment, we shed light on the dynamics that determine a country’s attractiveness to foreign investors.

Economy & Business Freedom and Prosperity

Freedom and Prosperity Around the World

Feb 26, 2024

Chile struggles with economic stagnation

By Andrés Velasco

Chile grapples with economic slowdown and political polarization. Growth has stalled, and trust in democratic institutions has waned as parties have multiplied. Despite failed attempts to rewrite the constitution, polarization persists, complicating Chile’s political future.

Economy & Business Freedom and Prosperity

Freedom and Prosperity Around the World

Feb 26, 2024

Mexico’s vital institutions face decline

By Vanessa Rubio-Márquez

Mexico’s institutions are vital for freedoms, but face decline. To advance, it needs strong governance, growth, and redistribution. Despite potential growth from favorable conditions, risks persist. Strengthening governance and productivity is crucial for prosperity.

Economy & Business Freedom and Prosperity

Freedom and Prosperity Around the World

Feb 26, 2024

Egypt grapples with political uncertainty under El-Sisi

By Rabah Arezki

Egypt faces economic challenges with heavy debt and political unrest. President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s reelection may not prompt reforms, exacerbating inflation and currency devaluation. Gulf aid hinges on reforms, while militarization impedes change. Regional tensions heighten instability risks.

Conflict Elections

Freedom and Prosperity Around the World

Feb 26, 2024

Saudi Arabia’s economic shifts under MBS raise stability concerns

By Rabah Arezki

Saudi Arabia’s economic transformation under MBS maintains political control, risking instability amid regional conflicts. Reliance on public funds for investments may falter as the world shifts from fossil fuels, and demands for political freedom grow.

Economy & Business Freedom and Prosperity

Freedom and Prosperity Around the World

Feb 26, 2024

Rising US public debt threatens economic freedom

By Edward Glaeser

US public debt has surged, posing risks to economic freedom. Despite stability expectations, reforms are needed, like deregulating small businesses and improving urban schools. However, political polarization and the dominance of identity politics hinder progress towards these goals.

Economy & Business Education

Freedom and Prosperity Around the World

Feb 26, 2024

India’s political freedom is at risk

By Pratap Bhanu Mehta

Political freedom in India is declining, with potential for further erosion if the current government remains. Economic prospects are cautiously optimistic, but regional disparities persist, posing challenges to democracy. India’s federal structure may both check centralization and fuel political conflict.

Fiscal and Structural Reform Freedom and Prosperity

Freedom and Prosperity Around the World

Feb 26, 2024

Pakistan faces urgent need for comprehensive reforms to spur long-term growth and stability

By Ali Cheema

Pakistan needs extensive economic and institutional reforms to boost long-term growth and prosperity. These reforms involve improving property rights, increasing public investment in education and health, and addressing political polarization. A new political settlement is necessary to foster stability and enable these reforms.

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In the news

In the News

Apr 18, 2024

Quirk cites Indexes at University of Chicago event on elections

Nonresident senior fellow Patrick Quirk headlined a talk at an event with the University of Chicago’s Harris School of Public Policy on April 16. Citing data from the Freedom and Prosperity Indexes, Quirk discussed elections around the world and international development.

In the News

Apr 17, 2024

Lemoine cited by US Embassy, multiple local outlets in presentation on freedom and prosperity in Bangladesh

Director Joseph Lemoine served as the keynote speaker in the Prosperity and Good Governance Conference in Dhaka, an event hosted jointly by United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and The Asia Foundation. Lemoine shared findings and takeaways on Bangladesh’s performances in the Freedom and Prosperity Indexes. Lemoine disseminated the Center’s newly completed report on […]

In the News

Mar 19, 2024

Amb. Kelley E. Currie discusses countering Uyghur genocide with Dolkun Isa

On March 14, 2024, nonresident senior fellow Kelley E. Currie discussed strategies for countering the Chinese Communist Party’s genocide of the Uyghur minority at a National Endowment for Democracy event. She spoke with Dolkun Isa, President of the World Uyghur Congress, and Washington Post journalist Josh Rogin.

In the News

Mar 19, 2024

Amb. Kelley E. Currie discusses 2024 Atlas for Taiwan Gender Equality Week

On March 13, 2024, nonresident senior fellow Kelley E. Currie gave a keynote address for Taiwan Gender Equality week in New York. During her keynote address, she referenced the 2024 Atlas, diving specifically into the chapter on the Indo-Pacific.

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Jan 30, 2024

Dan Negrea and Patrick Quirk discuss elections at International Republican Institute panel.

Negrea highlighted the crucial upcoming elections in Europe and Eurasia, while Quirk delivered opening remarks.

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Dec 19, 2023

Joseph Lemoine and Yomna Gaafar cited in annual Congressional report

Lemoine and Gaafar’s article on China’s development initiative was cited in 2023 report.

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Nov 28, 2023

Hunor Kelemen and Loránt Vincze present at roundtable

On Tuesday, November 28, 2023, the Freedom and Prosperity Center hosted Hunor Kelemen, President of the Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania and former Deputy Prime Minister of Romania, and Loránt Vincze, Co-Chair of the European Parliament’s Intergroup on Traditional Minorities, for a roundtable discussion on minority rights and the future of Romania. Dan Negrea, Senior […]

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Nov 17, 2023

Center hosts Delyan Dobrev for roundtable on energy security and policies in Eastern Europe

The Freedom and Prosperity Center hosted a private roundtable with Delyan Dobrev, Chairman of the Committee on Energy for the Bulgarian National Assembly.

In the News

Nov 16, 2023

Joseph Nguramo testifies before Congress on child labor in Congo

Joseph Mulala Nguramo, nonresident fellow with the Freedom and Prosperity Center, testified to the Congressional Executive Commission on China on November 14, 2023. He discussed China’s mining practices in the Democratic Republic of Congo, drawing attention to how China’s mining industry is rampant with corruption and forced child labor of Congolese citizens.

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Nov 8, 2023

Michael Fisch and Dan Negrea publish article on autocratic aggression in National Interest

On October 17, 2023, Michael Fisch and Dan Negrea, published an op-ed in the National Interest regarding autocratic aggression.


Lai Ching-te of the Democratic Progressive Party has won the election in Taiwan, and will be inaugurated as Taiwan’s next president on May 20. As his term commences, James Storen breaks down Taiwan’s performance in the Freedom and Prosperity Indexes, examining numerous indicators including political freedom and elections.
Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, the economic bloc known as BRICS, convened for their annual summit in August. Ahead of the summit, James Storen breaks down the performance of these countries in the 2023 Freedom and Prosperity Indexes. Freedom has declined in all BRICS countries, which has slowed down their progress in achieving prosperity.
An overview of the methodologies and takeaways behind the 2023 Freedom and Prosperity Indexes, which measure freedom and prosperity for 164 countries around the world. The annual Freedom and Prosperity Indexes are a primary output of the Atlantic Council’s Freedom and Prosperity Center.

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