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New Atlanticist

Jun 20, 2024

How the far right could shape the future of the European Parliament

By Joely Virzi

Big questions remain around what Alternative for Germany, Hungary’s Fidesz party, and Brothers of Italy will do next.

Elections Europe & Eurasia


Jun 14, 2024

Will the new Parliament change Europe’s course on energy security and climate?

By András Simonyi, Olga Khakova, Pau Ruiz Guix, Andrei Covatariu, and Elena Benaim

The recent European Parliament elections signal a shift in EU energy policy toward energy security and competitiveness. To ensure that climate remains on the agenda, European policymakers must deliver on existing commitments and deepen global climate cooperation.

Energy Transitions European Union

In the News

Jun 13, 2024

Lipsky interviewed by CNN on EU tariffs on Chinese EVs

Watch the full interview here.

China European Union


Jun 13, 2024

Ukraine officially embraces English as historic westward pivot continues

By Oleksiy Goncharenko

By officially embracing English, Ukrainians aim to support their country’s historic pivot away from Moscow and return to the European community of nations, writes Oleksiy Goncharenko.

Civil Society Conflict

New Atlanticist

Jun 12, 2024

Europe is gearing up to hit Chinese EVs with new tariffs. Here’s why.

By Atlantic Council experts

The European Commission just proposed new tariffs on China-made electric vehicles of up to 38 percent. Atlantic Council experts explain why—and what might happen next.

China Economy & Business

Atlantic Debrief

Jun 11, 2024

#AtlanticDebrief – What’s behind President Macron’s snap election decision? | A Debrief from Amb. Gérard Araud

Ilva Tare sits down with Ambassador Gérard Araud to discuss the implications of the dissolution of the French National Assembly and the call for a parliamentary snap election.

Elections European Union

New Atlanticist

Jun 11, 2024

Setting the European Parliament elections in the ‘right’ context

By Jörn Fleck, James Batchik

The center-right European People’s Party, not the far- and hard-right parties, was the biggest winner of the elections.

Elections European Union

Experts react

Jun 10, 2024

Experts react: How the European Parliament’s right turn is playing out across the continent

By Atlantic Council experts

The centrist coalition remains in power, but the far right made striking gains across the continent. What will this mean for the EU's future?

Europe & Eurasia European Union

Fast Thinking

Jun 9, 2024

As the far right rises in Europe, can the center hold?

By Atlantic Council

Elections for the 720-seat European Parliament concluded on Sunday. Three Atlantic Council experts share their insights on the initial results.

Elections European Union

Atlantic Debrief

Jun 7, 2024

#AtlanticDebrief – What can we expect from the European Parliament elections? | A Debrief from Dave Keating

Ilva Tare sits down with Dave Keating, Brussels correspondent with France 24, to preview the European parliament elections and discuss potential implications for the EU's politics and policymaking.

Elections Europe & Eurasia