European Union

  • The Populist Challenge to the Liberal International Order

    Right-wing populism constitutes a sustained challenge to the seventy-year-old so-called liberal international order, a postwar construction of a body of ideas, laws, and cross-border security arrangements that have allowed the Western world to prosper while promoting general values of democracy, openness, and the rule of law.

    A deep backlash to the liberal order has already...

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  • Brexit Talks Sadly Lack Vision

    The British government and the European Union (EU) are celebrating the latest “milestone” in negotiations to end Britain’s EU membership—agreement on a transition period of twenty-one months after the United Kingdom leaves the EU in just over a...
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  • Crucial EU Initiative that Outs Kremlin Lies Under Fire

    A crucial program that identifies Kremlin methods of disinformation has come under attack. Alarmingly, one of the key accusations is that its activities constitute an attempt to restrict freedom of speech. The situation could not be more absurd. 

    The program running into such controversy is the East Stratcom Task Force and the EU vs Disinfo...

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  • Full Speed Ahead to Brexit?

    Brexit may not be avoidable after all.

    The United Kingdom and the European Union (EU) announced on March 19 that they have agreed on a “large part” of an agreement that would result in Britain leaving the EU.

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  • The Future of the EU-US-UK Trade Triangle

    On Thursday, March 15, 2018, the Atlantic Council's Global Business and Economics program hosted a lunch discussion on the EU-UK-US Trade Triangle future with Liam Fox, the UK Secretary of State for International Trade. The private event was part of the Eurogrowth initiative.

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  • A Storm is Brewing in Transatlantic Relations

    Recent events in Washington, especially the nomination by US President Donald J. Trump of Mike Pompeo to be the next secretary of state and US imposition of tariffs on aluminum and steel imports, combined with a Europe that is politically weakened and internally focused, are helping create what may become the worst divergence in the transatlantic relationship since the 2003 crisis over the war...
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  • #MeToo Emboldens Women in Brussels

    While #MeToo was born in the United States, it quickly sparked a sister movement in Europe, #MeTooEU. Brussels was shocked by the outpouring of stories of abuse and aggression against women—predominantly emanating out of the European Parliament—and the apathy with which their complaints had been handled through official channels. On this International Women's Day, there is a lot of talk about...
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  • Angela Merkel: Time for a Legacy

    Now that the new German government has been approved by the political parties and can finally begin work, it is time for Angela Merkel to think about her own agenda for the next few years.

    At the start of her fourth—and presumably last—term as chancellor, she is politically weaker than she has been before, and thus must save her energy and influence for a few key issues. Merkel...

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  • Italian Election Puts Europe in Uncharted Waters

    Italy’s March 5 parliamentary election, in which anti-establishment parties won half of the vote, has caused a political earthquake with the potential to reshape Italy, Europe’s future, and even how populism impacts democracy. 

    Traditional political forces on the left and center are foundering. What will take their place remains to be seen both within Italy and in Europe as a...

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  • Shots Fired: EU Takes Aim at Peanut Butter as Trump Targets Steel

    What do bourbon, Levi’s jeans, Harley-Davidson motorcycles, peanut butter, cranberries, and orange juice have in common? The European Union (EU) has threatened to impose retaliatory duties on all of these US products if US President Donald J. Trump goes ahead with his...
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