European Union

  • Trump Needs a Strong European Partner

    US President Donald Trump has long held disparaging views of the European Union (EU), asserting it is a failure and praising the United Kingdom for its vote to the leave the bloc. However, a weak and fragmented EU, let alone a collapsed one, and the renationalization of European politics that would follow, would be dangerous for global stability and counterproductive for both sides of the...
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  • Wanted: Leader of the Free World

    Two months into Donald Trump’s presidency, it is clear that Trump cannot control himself or his own administration. Sadly, this observation applies across the board in foreign policy. Trump first warmly greeted Taiwan, threatened a trade war with China, and then abruptly announced that he recognized the one China principle and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson essentially subscribed to China’s...
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  • US Engagement in the Balkans Seen as Vital

    Albanian foreign minister said United States has a ‘decisive’ role in Balkan reforms

    It is critical for the United States to deepen its engagement in the Balkans—a region that faces threats from terrorists as well as Russia, Albanian Foreign Minister Ditmir Bushati said in Washington on March 21.

    In February, Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama warned that the Balkan...

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  • Despite Sen. Rand Paul, Montenegro’s Foreign Minister is Confident of NATO Membership

    Montenegro’s Foreign Minister Srdjan Darmanovic is confident that, despite a procedural setback, the US Senate will ratify a protocol that will allow his nation to become the twenty-ninth member of NATO. This, he said, should happen before the Alliance’s summit in Brussels in May.

    NATO foreign ministers signed the Accession Protocol with Montenegro in May 2016. Prospective members...

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  • A Message to Europe: Let’s Stick Together

    Dear European friends of America,

    In these challenging times, I am writing to ask that you not abandon your American ally. We have fallen on hard times, and our new leader, Donald Trump, is different from any other in our history.

    I know that some have compared Trump to one of his predecessors—Andrew Jackson. But Jackson was president in simpler times, when news moved at...

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  • Polyakova Quoted by Express on the Rise of Anti-EU Groups in Europe

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  • A ‘Strange Allegation’ About UK Spying

    Trump administration must defuse crisis with its ally, says Sir Peter Westmacott, a former UK ambassador to the United States

    US President Donald J. Trump’s support for an unsubstantiated claim that his predecessor, Barack Obama, asked Britain’s spy agency to eavesdrop on him is a “strange allegation” that “calls into question very important elements of our intelligence...

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  • Merkel Puts Europe First

    German chancellor’s visit to Washington puts focus on US-German, US-European relationships, says Atlantic Council’s Fran Burwell

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel faces a tough re-election battle in September and a meeting with US President Donald J. Trump is perhaps not the best way for her to burnish her credentials with the German electorate....

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  • Secretary General: NATO’s Operation in the Aegean Sea ‘Has Been a Success’

    NATO’s presence in the Aegean Sea has been a success and has been important for different reasons.
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  • Six Immediate Steps to Stop Putin’s Aggression

    Security experts who follow the West’s responses to Russia’s meddling in its internal affairs—through cyber hacks, massive disinformation, corruption of Western leaders, and espionage—have good reason to be disappointed. With a few exceptions in the Baltic and Scandinavian countries, and recently in the Czech Republic, very few real counter-measures have been put into practice. Despite almost...
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