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From GMANews.TV: A senior NATO official says the alliance's military planners are considering a long-term counter-piracy mission off the Somali coast.

The naval mission would replace the fleet of four NATO warships that is due to return from the region next month.

From Radio Netherlands: "The major problem," Mr Daalder said earlier, "is that there are too many member states that see NATO as a regional, particularly European, defense organisation." But the threats facing all member states are global, not regional. "NATO should start thinking bigger and more global," according to Mr Daalder. He said that the organisation should develop in such a way that military force can be exercised over greater distances, and faster.

Mr Daalder also proposed to offer full membership of the alliance to non-European democracies such as Japan, Australia and South Korea." (Photo: radionetherlands)

From Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty:  "Armenian Defense Minister Seyran Ohanian says his country's main reason for canceling its participation in the NATO military exercises in Georgia was NATO Secretary-General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer's support for Azerbaijan, RFE/RL's Armenian Service reports."

Georgia accuses Russia of backing attempted coup

Snippets from Georgian government, BBC, NYT, and other media coverage.
From the Telegraph: "Relations between Tbilisi and Moscow are likely to sour further after Georgia released video footage, broadcast on state television, which allegedly showed a former defence ministry official trying to recruit undercover spies to join Tuesday's plot.

The man is shown describing plans to seize control of the government by leading a convoy of 200 military vehicles, backed by 5,000 Russian troops, into Tbilisi."
NATO denies Georgia war-games agenda Europe Deutsche Welle 05.05.2009: "'This is not a NATO exercise,' an alliance spokesperson confirmed to Deutsche Welle. 'This is a PFP exercise."

"'Because it's a PFP exercise, it's open to everybody which also means that everybody was fully informed when it was proposed in late spring of last year,' the spokesperson added. 'Nobody was forced to participate and Russia chose not to. But they knew exactly what was going on and there was no issue. Even when they said recently that they were concerned about the exercise, we said: 'although the subscription date had passed, why don’t you send some observers?' But they declined that as well. There is nothing controversial from our point of view.'"

From Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty: "The latest row stems from the spying conviction in Tallinn in February of a former top Estonian defense official, Herman Simm. Simm was the man who handled all Estonia's top-secret material from NATO. He was found guilty of spying for Russian intelligence and sentenced to 12 1/2 years in prison.

Western intelligence officials describe the case as the most serious security leak involving NATO since the end of the end of the Cold War."

Russia expels 2 Canadian diplomats: "Russia is expelling two Canadian diplomats working for NATO in Moscow, the Russian state news agency Interfax said Tuesday.
Isabelle Francois, the director of NATO's Information Bureau in Moscow, along with a colleague will be stripped of their diplomatic accreditations immediately, according to Interfax.
Defence Minister Peter MacKay said neither NATO nor the Canadian government has been informed of the reasons for the expulsion."