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Jul 20, 2020

Manning in The National Interest: Coronavirus Meets Donald Trump’s Wonderland: What the Facemask Wars Reveal

By Atlantic Council

Coronavirus Politics & Diplomacy


Jul 15, 2020

Toppling Lenin: The lessons of Ukraine’s memory wars

By Peter Dickinson

The Black Lives Matter movement has sparked a flurry of monument removals across the US and elsewhere. Independent Ukraine's long history of memory wars offers a timely case study in the politics of the past.

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May 24, 2020

Ukraine’s showbiz president shuns mainstream media

By Tetiana Gaiduk

Volodymyr Zelenskyy won the Ukrainian presidency with a campaign that positioned him as an everyman alternative to the country's discredited political elite, but a lack of media engagement now risks undermining his democratic credentials.

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May 21, 2020

Ukraine’s novice president may yet live up to the hype

By Tetiana Popova

Ukraine's President Zelenskyy has struggled to match the sky high expectations that accompanied his historic 2019 election win, but he has done enough during his first year to suggest he may yet live up to the hype, says Tetiana Popova.

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May 11, 2020

Nooruddin as a panelist at The Asian Leaders Council at UVA: Citizenship Amendment Bill Webinar

By Atlantic Council

Human Rights India


May 3, 2020

Zelenskyy fails to deliver on promise of a new beginning

By David Clark

Volodymyr Zelenskyy won the Ukrainian presidency in spring 2019 as a political outsider promising an end to decades of corrupt government. One year on, Ukrainians are still waiting for evidence of this fight against corruption.

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Apr 10, 2020

Should the European Left take on the populists at their own game?

By Atlantic Council

For Medium World, Alistair Somerville and Atlantic Council Resident Fellow Julian Mueller-Kaler go head to head on whether European center-left and left wing parties should take on the right wing populists at their own game.

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Apr 5, 2020

Robert Manning in Global Times about the necessity of US – China cooperation on Coronavirus

By Atlantic Council

China Coronavirus

Inflection Points

Mar 7, 2020

Coronavirus is already changing the world

By Frederick Kempe

The first returns are in regarding how the coronavirus episode might change the world. No doubt the virus is a curse, but it also could be a blessing if politicians and voters heed its lessons. As Winston Churchill said on the cusp of World War II, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”

Coronavirus Crisis Management

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Feb 28, 2020

Shahid co-chairing at the Rethinking Civil Society Project, University of York, discussing the CAA and NRC in India

By Atlantic Council

Human Rights India