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The South Asia Center serves as the Atlantic Council’s focal point for work on the region as well as relations between these countries, neighboring regions, Europe, and the United States.

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The South Asia Center serves as the Atlantic Council’s focal point for work on greater South Asia as well as its relations between these countries, the neighboring regions, Europe, and the United States.

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Aug 24, 2022

Afghanistan’s drug trade is booming under Taliban rule

By Rupert Stone

Though the Taliban vowed to crack down on narcotics after coming to power last August, that promise has been inadequately enforced, and Afghanistan’s drug trade is booming.

Afghanistan Economy & Business

In the News

Aug 11, 2022

Shahid quoted in Foreign Policy: How China-Taiwan tensions play out in India

By Atlantic Council

China East Asia


Aug 8, 2022

Collaboration, not competition, is key to alleviating the global chip shortage

By Ridhika Batra

If the international community seeks to diversify chip manufacturing and create safety nets for future crises, then collaboration—as opposed to competition—seems a logical and prudent first step.

China Economy & Business

In the News

Jul 20, 2022

Nasr quoted in Heromag: Putin visits Iran, for talks including Turkey’s Erdogan

By Atlantic Council

Conflict Economy & Business

In the News

Jun 23, 2022

Chhibber opinion piece for The Economic Times: WTO must emphasise that it is not just about free trade but also about fair trade

By Atlantic Council

Economy & Business G20


Jun 20, 2022

The case for a US-India digital handshake

By Atlantic Council US-India Digital Economy Task Force

This report advocates for a US-India “digital handshake” to overcome substantive and institutional barriers in US-India digital economic cooperation.

Digital Currencies Digital Policy

In the News

Jun 14, 2022

Raghuraman in Foreign Policy: The United States and India need a Digital Handshake

By Atlantic Council

Economy & Business India


Jun 1, 2022

Experts react: Biden’s new Indo-Pacific Economic Framework

By Atlantic Council

Introduced during Biden’s first Asian tour in Japan earlier this week, the Indo-Pacific Framework, or IPEF, is a US-led framework for an economic partnership between members of the Quad along with  Brunei, Indonesia,  Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea, and New Zealand. The framework is a means for the countries to solidify their relationship and engage in economic and trade matters concerning the Indo-Pacific region. The IPEF comes five years after the US withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership and is seen as a means to counter China’s dominance in the region and reassert American influence.    

Digital Policy Economy & Business


May 24, 2022

How the Russia-Ukraine war impacts India’s self-reliance campaign

By Adnan Ahmad Ansari

India’s diplomatic response to the Ukraine-Russia war has become an enigma and a topic of global interest. 

Economy & Business India

New Atlanticist

Apr 27, 2022

As the EU courts India on trade, here’s what to watch

By Mark Linscott

Brussels wants to bring New Delhi closer into its economic orbit—but that won't be so easy.

Economy & Business European Union