Surfing the Strait: China, Taiwan, and Twitter

Wed, Mar 28, 2018

Cross-Strait Series: Surfing the Strait—China, Taiwan, and Twitter

In today’s new media environment, the opportunities for instant rhetoric add a novel element to national and international discourse that can complicate relationships between countries and leaders, as with China’s recent condemnation of President Trump’s December 2017 tweet on North Korea.

Event Recap by Asia Security Initiative

China Civil Society

Tue, Dec 12, 2017

Shaping the Asia-Pacific economic order

Twenty years after the Asian Financial Crisis, Asian economies are buoyant, working with a smartly reformed IMF to brace for future crises, and rhetoric aside, it will a while before China’s RMB challenges the US dollar as the world’s first reserve currency.

Issue Brief by Robert A. Manning and Olin Wethington

Australia China

Wed, May 3, 2017

Strengthening the transatlantic-pacific partnership

This issue brief is the product of a pilot project of the Atlantic Council’s efforts to establish an Asia-Pacific Center. It is drawn from a series of workshops exploring the key question of how to strengthen Trans-Atlantic-Pacific cooperation on regional and global issues.

Issue Brief by Robert A. Manning

Australia China

Thu, Aug 11, 2016

A modest arms sale of obsolete aircraft to India?

There may be more to Lockheed’s made-in-India deal than first meets the eye. The US Air Force and those of other NATO countries are phasing out F-16s much sooner than anticipated. This implies that performance of F-35s has met expectations, and that there are no obvious show-stoppers to ramping up production as fast as budgets […]

Defense Industrialist by Danny Lam

China Defense Industry

Wed, Jun 24, 2015

Shaping the Asia-Pacific Future: Strengthening the institutional architecture for an open, rules-based economic order

Report by Olin Wethington and Robert A. Manning

Australia China

Mon, Oct 6, 2014

The future of US extended deterrence in Asia to 2025

US leadership, undergirded by the US military, has played a central role in ensuring the stability necessary to produce remarkable economic and political transformations in Northeast Asia. More specifically, American commitments to defend its allies in Northeast Asia, with nuclear weapons if necessary, have deterred major power war, prevented regional conflict, stemmed nuclear proliferation, and […]

Report by Robert A. Manning

China Defense Policy

Tue, Mar 14, 2006

Taiwan in search of a strategic consensus

This Issue Brief is based in part on an Atlantic Council delegation trip to Taiwan in December 2005, led by Franklin D. Kramer, chairman of the Council’s Committee on Asia and Global Security, and including Jan M. Lodal, president of the Council, and Council board members, Julia Chang Bloch, John L. Fugh, and Helmut Sonnenfeldt, […]

Issue Brief by Banning Garrett, Jonathan Adams and Franklin Kramer

Economy & Business Politics & Diplomacy

Sun, May 1, 2005

In search of a legacy: Three possible paths for Taiwan’s Chen Shui-bian

Time and circumstances make it more and more unlikely that Taiwan’s President Chen Shui-bian will declare de jure independence for Taiwan during his term of office, but Chen has not abandoned his quest for a resolution of Taiwan’s status. The People’s Republic of China and the United States are on guard for new independence-leaning initiatives […]

Report by Kay Webb Mayfield

East Asia Elections

Sun, Sep 1, 2002

Staying the course: Opportunities and limitations in U.S.-China relations

This paper discusses US relations with the People’s Republic of China and Taiwan. It is based on a report by a delegation of former military and defense policy leaders that were sent to visit Beijing and Taiwan to examine the longer-term issues in relations among the three countries. The paper concludes by offering recommendations for […]


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