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The future of money is up for grabs. Digital currencies are transforming the global payments landscape, reshaping monetary policy, and accelerating changes in global economic power. These shifts have enormous implications for how we all live our lives and the role of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. Our events and research are animated by what the future of money looks like, and how global financial structures will evolve to address technological advances in the world of money and payments.

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United States Capitol on a cloudy day


Feb 16, 2024

Carole House testifies to the House Financial Service Committee on approaches to combat crypto crime and illicit activity

By Carole House

On February 15, Non Resident Senior Fellow Carole House testified to the US House Committee on Financial Services. Below are her prepared remarks for the committee on crypto crime and illicit activity. Thank you Chairman Hill, Ranking Member Lynch, and distinguished members of the subcommittee, for your leadership in holding this hearing and the honor […]

Digital Currencies Digital Policy
World with currencies


Nov 6, 2023

Central bank digital currency evolution in 2023: From investigation to preparation

By Alisha Chhangani

Explore CBDC evolution in 2023, including key developments from central banks and what is next for the digital euro.

Digital Currencies Economy & Business


Apr 24, 2023

Practice makes perfect: What China wants from its digital currency in 2023

By Ananya Kumar

The e-CNY network has expanded over the last year, and China's goals have only become clearer. Domestically, the People’s Bank of China is still in test-and-learn mode, globally, China is more focused on setting defining international standards.

China Cybersecurity


Mar 21, 2023

Snapshot: Which countries have made the most progress on CBDCs so far in 2023

By Alisha Chhangani

Despite only being three months into 2023, these 18 countries have made significant progress on central bank digital currencies.

Digital Currencies Economy & Business