The Atlantic Council IN TURKEY aims to promote and strengthen transatlantic engagement with the region by providing a high-level forum and pursuing programming to address the most important issues on energy, economics and security.

Our Work

The Atlantic Council IN TURKEY aims to promote dialogue and strengthen transatlantic engagement with the region through research, programming and high-level discussion forums to address critical issues around energy, economics, and security.

Turkey, located at the crossroads of the economic and energy routes that stretch from Europe through the Black and Caspian Seas to the Middle East and Central Asia, and through the Mediterranean Sea to North Africa, resides at the intersection of some of our globe’s most complex geopolitical and geo-economic issues.

The Atlantic Council IN TURKEY program meets our enduring mission of working together with allies and partners to secure the future by facilitating productive dialogue and connections among government, business, and NGO stakeholders. In cooperation with the Atlantic Council’s 12 programs and centers, the Atlantic Council IN TURKEY strives to support strong ties between the transatlantic community and Turkey towards a more stable and prosperous future for the region.

Pillars of Work

US-Turkey Relations
The Atlantic Council IN TURKEY encourages productive US-Turkey relations by building positive relationships between government officials and business leaders. Our work, which focuses on economic, business as well as political relations, promotes mutual understanding and engagement. A longstanding member of NATO, Turkey occupies a critical position on the Alliance’s Southern flank, and a productive US-Turkish relationship remains central to addressing regional and global challenges.

Fostering Regional Relations
Beyond the bilateral US-Turkish partnership, the Atlantic Council IN TURKEY focuses on bolstering transatlantic engagement and cooperation across the region, around issues ranging from trade relations to refugee management. This initiative is an extension of the Istanbul Summit, which has long been a leading platform for strengthening transatlantic relations with the wider region surrounding Turkey.

Since its inception, the Atlantic Council’s work in Turkey has focused heavily on energy.  Energy relations, whether shaping or being shaped by political relations, are an integral part of international and business relations.  Given Turkey’s position as a major transit country and potential as a regional energy hub, energy-related issues impact the country’s relationships across the region and with transatlantic partnership. In cooperation with the Atlantic Council’s Global Energy Center, the energy sector represents a core pillar of programming in Turkey.

Flagship Event

Istanbul Summit
Since its inception in 2009, the Atlantic Council’s Istanbul Summit has been the region’s premier gathering for energy, security, and economic issues.

The Summit aims to build bridges and strengthen transatlantic engagement in the wider region. With high level participation from government, business and NGO leaders from around the world, the Summit contributes to building government to government, government to business, and business to business relationships. Since 2009, the Summit has hosted approximately 100 ministers and 350 CEOs and heads of non-governmental organizations.

The Summit features discussions by experts and policymakers on the region and the world’s most pressing issues and challenges. In 2017, the Summit took up topics such as peace and security in the Middle East, the reconstruction of Syria, the Eastern Mediterranean energy landscape, the future of global energy governance, developing Africa, diversifying European gas supply, and the Three Seas Initiative.