Foreign Interference Attribution Tracker

The DFRLab’s Foreign Interference Attribution Tracker (FIAT) is an interactive, open-source database that captures allegations of foreign interference relevant to the 2020 election. This tool assesses the credibility, bias, evidence, transparency, and impact of each claim.

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Election Official Handbook: Preparing for Election Day Misinformation

As part of the Election Integrity Partnership, the DFRLab has analyzed roughly four hundred cases of election-related dis- and misinformation on social media. This memo gathers the findings and issues recommendations for US election officials: they must prepare for viral falsehoods online that persist for weeks.

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Employment opportunities

DFRLab lanyards

Fri, Jan 8, 2021

Resident Fellow, China, Digital Forensic Research Lab


Description This position will play a key role in the expansion of the DFRLab’s policy work and research on China. You will be responsible for leading DFRLab research on Chinese information operations (IO), the Chinese information space, and the Chinese government’s impact on global democracy and human rights as it relates to its use, governance, […]

China Digital Forensic Research Lab

Fri, Oct 23, 2020

Resident Fellow, Digital Policy, Digital Forensic Research Lab


The DFRLab is at the forefront of open source research with a focus on governance, security, technology, media, and where each intersect. Join our fast-paced and truly global team as we work to further the DFRLab’s mission

Digital Forensic Research Lab Digital Policy Disinformation

Introducing the Young Global Professionals Program

Sat, Oct 24, 2020

Atlantic Council’s Young Global Professionals Program – Spring 2021 (Paid)


The Young Global Professionals (YGP) Program, the Atlantic Council’s paid internship program, is designed to provide exceptional young people with in-depth exposure to international affairs and an opportunity to play an active role in shaping real-world solutions to global challenges. The Atlantic Council is non-partisan and welcomes applicants from diverse backgrounds. International applicants are encouraged to apply.



AlertaVenezuela email banner

Wed, Jan 13, 2021

#AlertaVenezuela: January 13, 2021

Maduro security forces to combatted gangs Caracas' slums resulting in a “massacre,” self-described Chavista Twitter accounts politicized and celebrated the killings. The DFRLab found signs of inauthentic behavior among the accounts.

#AlertaVenezuela by Atlantic Council's DFRLab

Disinformation Venezuela

Tue, Jan 12, 2021

FAST THINKING: What’s next for the insurrectionists?

For weeks on far-right networks across the web, extremists discussed their plans for violence. Is it happening again?

Fast Thinking by Atlantic Council

Elections National Security

Thu, Jan 7, 2021

FAST THINKING: How the Capitol riot was coordinated online

The team at the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab has conducted exhaustive research into how the event happened, combing through social media and other networks frequented by the far right. Let’s break down what they found.

Fast Thinking by Atlantic Council

International Norms National Security
AlertaVenezuela email banner

Tue, Jan 5, 2021

#AlertaVenezuela: January 5, 2021

A video posted by a Colombian YouTube channel showed unsubstantiated claims on the extradition process of Maduro’s diplomat Alex Saab and amplified false claims about the U.S. presidential elections.

#AlertaVenezuela by Atlantic Council's DFRLab

Disinformation Venezuela
AlertaVenezuela email banner

Tue, Dec 22, 2020

#AlertaVenezuela: December 22, 2020

After the disappearance of 40 migrants at sea, public discontent grew against the ongoing humanitarian and economic crises, as well as the corruption and slow response of President Maduro.

#AlertaVenezuela by Atlantic Council's DFRLab

Disinformation Venezuela
cctv building china

Thu, Dec 17, 2020

Countering Chinese disinformation reports

A series of reports on countering Chinese disinformation campaigns around the globe from the Digital Forensic Research Lab and Asia Security Initiative, housed in the Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security.

In-Depth Research & Reports by Digital Forensic Research Lab

China Digital Policy
AlertaVenezuela email banner

Tue, Dec 15, 2020

#AlertaVenezuela: December 15, 2020

Pro-Maduro accounts used the hashtag #FiltraronLaConsulta to claim falsely that the “people’s consultation,” a referendum organized by Juan Guaidó was insecure and hackers leaked voters’ identification data.

#AlertaVenezuela by Atlantic Council's DFRLab

Disinformation Venezuela

Fri, Dec 11, 2020

The post-COVID world this week: Mass vaccination begins in the UK, Pakistan struggles with anti-vaccination sentiment, and disinformation overwhelms scientific responses in isolated countries

What can we expect from a post-COVID world after a pandemic that has reshaped international affairs? A world in which disinformation overwhelms scientific responses worldwide.

Coronavirus Alert by Atlantic Council

Coronavirus Politics & Diplomacy
AlertaVenezuela email banner

Wed, Dec 9, 2020

#AlertaVenezuela: December 9, 2020

In the aftermath of the December 6 regime-controlled electoral exercise, Nicolás Maduro and his supporters celebrated the “installation” of a new National Assembly while the opposition coalition represented by Juan Guaidó described the electoral process as a “fraud.

#AlertaVenezuela by Atlantic Council's DFRLab

Disinformation Venezuela
Democratic Offense Against Disinformation

Wed, Dec 2, 2020

Democratic offense against disinformation

While democratic states have made great progress in defending against disinformation and foreign interference, this report suggests it is time to go on the offensive to stop bad information actors in their tracks.

In-Depth Research & Reports

Cybersecurity Disinformation
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