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Belarus’ August 2020 presidential election saw widespread protests and serious fraud allegations as President Lukashenka claimed victory against popular opposition candidate Svyatlana Tsikhanouskaya. Following a brutal crackdown against protestors by security forces, will Belarus begin its transition to democracy, or will the Belarusian people face further repression as Lukashenka’s rule falters?

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Mon, Feb 22, 2021

Ukraine’s booming IT sector defies the coronavirus crisis

While businesses around the world are counting the cost of a year disrupted by the unprecedented challenges of the COVID crisis, Ukraine’s IT sector continues to go from strength to strength.

UkraineAlert by Peter Dickinson

Coronavirus Economy & Business

Sat, Feb 20, 2021

Ukraine can play key role in Europe’s energy Green Deal

The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), World Bank, and EU have all argued that Ukraine could become a world leader in renewable production.

UkraineAlert by Aura Sabadus

Energy Transitions Geopolitics & Energy Security

Fri, Feb 19, 2021

Belarus dictator Lukashenka seeks to silence the media

A Minsk court sentenced journalists Katsiaryna Andreyeva and Darya Chultsova to two years in prison on February 18 in a case that highlights the war against free speech that is accompanying Belarus dictator Alyaksandr Lukashenka’s crackdown on the country's six-month pro-democracy uprising.

UkraineAlert by Vladislav Davidzon

Belarus Democratic Transitions

Thu, Feb 18, 2021

Alexei Navalny is a Russian nationalist but he may still be good news for Ukraine

Many Ukrainians remain skeptical of jailed Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny due to his Russian nationalist past, but Navalny's impact on Russian politics may eventually prove beneficial for Ukraine.

UkraineAlert by Andreas Umland

Conflict Democratic Transitions

Thu, Feb 18, 2021

Ukraine adopts new and improved referendum law

Ukraine's recently adopted National Referendum Law fulfills an election promise made by President Zelenskyy to give the people of Ukraine greater and more direct influence over national policies.

UkraineAlert by Alisa Shushkovska and Harald Jepsen

Democratic Transitions Elections

Wed, Feb 17, 2021

Soviet-style Belarus dictator goes back to the future

Belarus dictator Alyaksandr Lukashenka's recent People's Assembly was a Soviet-style affair designed to help him reclaim leadership of the country following six months of nationwide pro-democracy protests.

UkraineAlert by Vladislav Davidzon

Belarus Civil Society

Wed, Feb 17, 2021

Innovative opposition defies Belarus dictator Lukashenka

The adaptive tactics of the Belarusian street, combined with the emergence of dissident security service veterans, illustrate that the Lukashenka regime and its Kremlin allies have lost the initiative.

UkraineAlert by Brian Whitmore

Belarus Civil Society

Wed, Feb 17, 2021

Exploring Belarusian civil society

For more than six months, Belarus has been rocked by an unprecedented wave of pro-democracy protests. This brief guide aims to introduce some the NGOs active in Belarus as the country seeks historic change.

UkraineAlert by Andrew D’Anieri

Belarus Civil Society

Tue, Feb 16, 2021

Putin the Poisoner

Putin the Poisoner: Russian President Vladimir Putin has adopted a poisonous approach to international politics in a bid to defend his own authoritarian regime by dividing, discrediting, and destabilizing the democratic world.

UkraineAlert by Peter Dickinson

Disinformation European Union

Tue, Feb 16, 2021

Why is Ukraine still not in NATO?

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said recently that he'd like to ask US President Joe Biden, "Why is Ukraine still not in NATO?" Ukraine's Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba agrees that this question has never been more pertinent.

UkraineAlert by Dmytro Kuleba

Conflict NATO


Mon, Mar 1, 2021

Breaking the tie: Security and stability in Belarus

Online Event The domestic stalemate in Belarus presents a strategic security problem for the Kremlin and may test the resolve of policymakers in Washington and Brussels.

10:00am Belarus Democratic Transitions European Union Russia

Wed, Mar 3, 2021

Crisis in Georgia?

Online Event With the high-profile arrest of UNM opposition leader Nika Melia, Georgia may be in a new political crisis. How dangerous is the situation and what can be done to deescalate tensions to ensure Georgia's democratic future?

9:00am Political Reform Politics & Diplomacy Rule of Law The Caucasus

Fri, Mar 5, 2021

What should Biden do about Ukraine?

Online Event Now that President Joe Biden has taken office, he has a real chance to move past the difficult detour that US-Ukraine relations took under his predecessor. A new issue brief lays out a plan for how the Biden team can repair relations with Ukraine.

10:00am Fiscal and Structural Reform Geopolitics & Energy Security International Financial Institutions Political Reform