As the global community continues to grapple with the coronavirus (COVID-19), the Atlantic Council is open for business. Our business, meetings, and events, however, are occurring virtually. For more information, please read an update from our President and CEO.

Please join the Atlantic Council’s Future Europe Initiative for a virtual event series between October 26 and 30, 2020, highlighting how the United States and Central Europe can together help shape a common post-COVID-19 agenda.

The coronavirus pandemic has inflamed the challenges already facing the transatlantic alliance while also exposing new and unforeseen risks. In this historically uncertain time, cooperation and transparency among allies is needed more than ever to grapple with the threats we must navigate together. The United States and Central Europe are natural partners in enabling transatlantic action toward a common agenda for the post-pandemic future.

This event series explores such themes, and builds upon the Council’s inaugural US-Central Europe conference in 2019, “The United States and Central Europe: Celebrating Europe Whole and Free, Building the Next Century Together.” The conversations throughout the week will feature high-level policymakers and experts from the US and the region, while also highlighting our unique cultural connections.



Issue briefs and reports

Oct 19, 2020

The United States and Central Europe: A road map for a democratic post-pandemic agenda

By Daniel Fried, Jakub Wiśniewski, Denise Forsthuber, Alena Kudzko

“The United States and Central Europe: A Road Map for a Democratic Post-Pandemic Agenda” outlines these themes and advocates for a common US-Central European agenda in seeking a better post-COVID-19 world.

Central Europe Coronavirus


Oct 28, 2020

Digitalization in Central and Eastern Europe: Building regional cooperation

By The Atlantic Council Task Force on Digitalization in Central and Eastern Europe and the Three Seas Initiative

Digitalization has been heralded as “the next engine of growth” for the economies of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and the idea that digitalization can transform the region’s economic model has never been more relevant than amid the current coronavirus pandemic.

Central Europe Digital Policy

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