The Northern Europe office works in particular with forging a strong US-Northern Europe agenda in light of the deteriorated security situation in the Baltic Sea region and the volatile transatlantic relationship. The office, headed by Anna Wieslander, participates in the public debate, provides analysis and publications and arranges workshops, seminars, and conferences that bring together policymakers and a diverse group of stakeholders in order to forge solutions that address challenges critical to the future of Europe and the transatlantic relationship.

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Voices from the North Podcast

In this four-part podcast series, Anna Wieslander, Director for Northern Europe in Stockholm, brings forth voices and perspectives of those studying and most affected by a changing Arctic. This podcast is part of a project made possible by the generous support of the U.S. Embassy in Stockholm. 


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Jan 31, 2023

Wieslander in Financial Times on potential solo Finnish NATO accession

“The focus now is to calm down the situation,” said Anna Wieslander. “Swedish policymakers are still quite confident that Turkey will ratify . . . in the end, but they also realise that the road will continue to be bumpy.”

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Jan 31, 2023

Wieslander in WSJ on Western support for Ukraine

“This is a very transformative period in the conflict. But to me, the reactions from Western capitals have been merely tactical so far. We lack a common vision about how the war should end and how these deliveries fit into that vision,” Wieslander said.

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Jan 26, 2023

Wieslander quoted in Finnish Verkkouutiset on potential F-16s to Turkey

“The United States has entered the game. And Erdogan needs his F-16 fighter jets,” Wieslander, Northern Europe Director of the Atlantic Council, wrote.

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Jan 19, 2023

Wieslander in Carnegie Europe’s “Judy Asks: Is European strategic autonomy over?”

“Yes, at least in the short term, it seems as if ‘reality killed the cat,’” wrote Wieslander. “Already before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, France adopted a more sobering stance…The recent EU initiatives on defense tend to be complementary to NATO and draw on the particular strengths of the union, which is a step in […]

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Jan 14, 2023

Wieslander in Le Monde on Sweden-Turkey NATO negotiations

“Director for Northern Europe in the Atlantic Council, Anna Wieslander believes that Stockholm and Helsinki had no other choice, but that the ball is now in Turkey’s court: ‘Sweden has gone as far as it could, even if the negotiations continue, the pressure will have to come from the other member states.’” Turkey plays a […]

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Issue Brief

Jan 6, 2023

How allied Sweden and Finland can secure Northern Europe 

By Anna Wieslander, Eric Adamson, Jesper Lehto

NATO is approaching its ninth round of enlargement. The accession of Sweden and Finland—two solid democracies and defenders of the international-rules based order—into the Alliance will strengthen the core of the transatlantic community.

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Dec 7, 2022

Minister of Foreign Affairs Tobias Billström: Sweden’s EU presidency will push for a ‘stronger’ Europe

By Atlantic Council

Here’s how Sweden plans to address the world’s growing instability as the new EU president—and, eventually, the newest NATO member.

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Nov 22, 2022

Wieslander in WSJ China on Polish missile incident

Anna Wieslander, the Atlantic Council’s director for Northern Europe, said in an interview to Wall Street Journal China that Poland’s hard-line stance on the Ukraine war could create a potential rift within NATO if the Polish government pushes for a strong and rapid NATO response to Russia. However, she said, the government has shown restraint […]

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Nov 16, 2022

Wieslander interviewed by Sveriges Radio on missile striking Poland

“Ukraine has a right to self defence,” Anna Wieslander said to Sveriges Radio. This incident would not have occurred “if Russia was not attacking Ukraine.”

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Nov 11, 2022

Wieslander in Chatham House interview:”How will Sweden’s right turn affect its foreign policy priorities?”

Although the Sweden Democrats are not formally part of Sweden’s new government, the ruling minority coalition will depend on parliamentary support from the far-right party, giving them influence over government policy for the first time. This represents a clear shift to the right for a country with a long history of social democratic governments. How will this change […]

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