Apr 19, 2024

Experts on the REPO Act: A good deal for the United States and for Ukraine

By John E. Herbst

Experts evaluate what the provisions of the REPO Act would mean for Ukraine, the United States, and the rest of the world.

Economic Sanctions International Financial Institutions


Mar 2, 2023

Ukraine’s women are playing a key role in the fight against Russia

By Adrienne Ross

From frontline soldiers to unofficial ambassadors, Ukraine's women are playing a key role in their country's struggle to defeat the Russian army and end Vladimir Putin's criminal invasion, writes Adrienne Ross.

Civil Society Conflict


Oct 22, 2021

US and EU must react to escalating global energy crisis

By Anders Åslund

Recent mistakes by Germany, the EU, and the United States on gas policy are potentially disastrous and will have major costs unless all three parties urgently rethink their positions and address the growing energy crisis.

China European Union


Sep 9, 2021

Why Ukraine must join NATO

By Adrian Hoefer

Given the Kremlin's hostile revisionism, Ukraine's membership in NATO is in the long-term interest of the US and its allies. As Moscow expands its hybrid war on the West, Ukraine is an asset.

Eastern Europe International Organizations


Jul 27, 2021

Is Putin’s next big chance to take Ukraine now?

By Mark Temnycky

With the world distracted by the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, is anyone paying attention to Ukraine's East? Distractions favor Putin, and he's taken advantage of nearly every major sporting event of the last 14 years to stun the world.

Conflict Crisis Management


Jul 27, 2021

More backsliding in Kyiv

By Andrew D’Anieri

President Zelenskyy's exemption of infrastructure projects from standard tender procedures and oversight is a setback for reform. Yet the move has sparked necessary conversations on how to improve public procurement in Ukraine.

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President Biden and Chancellor Merkel at a press conference at the White House.


Jul 27, 2021

Why is Biden letting Putin win?

By Diane Francis

Russia and Germany, enabled by a distracted and increasingly isolationist United States, trample Europe and ignore the wishes of Central and Eastern European and Baltic nation-states. What does the White House think it’s doing?

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Jul 21, 2021

Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya on Belarus’ future and her place in it

By Doug Klain

“I’m not going to participate in new elections,” Tsikhanouskaya said at the Atlantic Council. Instead, she wants to see a new free and fair election and a self-sustaining democratic movement in Belarus.

Belarus Democratic Transitions


Jun 24, 2021

Ukraine offers hope in an increasingly homophobic neighborhood

By Adrian Hoefer, Shelby Magid

While Ukrainian attitudes towards the LGBTQI community are still far behind the levels of acceptance encountered elsewhere in the West, Ukraine’s modest progress offers hope in a region where intolerance is on the rise.

Civil Society Human Rights


Jun 17, 2021

Biden-Putin summit review: Good news for Ukraine?

By Peter Dickinson

Few countries were as anxious as Ukraine ahead of Wednesday’s summit in Geneva between US President Joe Biden and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, but can Kyiv regard the outcome as favorable?

Conflict Politics & Diplomacy