About the GeoTech Center Biosecurity and Health Program

Scientific advancements in agricultural technology, or “AgriTech,” COVID-19 variant detection, and future pandemic preparedness and prevention are well underway. Encouraging a global network of biotechnological data sharing will increase the quality of life for all individuals, regardless of nationality.

Technological innovations in agriculture, such as precision farming, integrated value chains, and digitized crop processing and distribution are increasing the efficiency of food production practices worldwide. From advanced irrigation and soil monitoring methods to computerized weather prediction techniques, biotechnology has diverse applications that result in tangible improvements to the human quality of life as well as planet health. By nature, industrialization of the public health and agricultural sectors is highly public-facing and therefore is deeply rooted in social and economic trust.

While AgriTech progresses, evolution in global pandemic preparedness is disconcertingly stunted. Collective action on viral variant surveillance, data collection and reportijng, vaccine innovation, and global cooperation—all critical elements of pandemic resilience—remain at insufficient levels. A unified, international data-sharing framework is one of the best solutions to ensure the global infrastructure is braced for when the next pandemic inevitably rears its head.

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