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The Power Vertical

The Power Vertical is a blog and podcast for Russia wonks and Kremlin watchers by Brian Whitmore. It covers emerging and developing trends in Russian politics, shining a spotlight on the high-stakes power struggles, machinations, and clashing interests that shape Kremlin policy today.

Host and Eurasia Center Senior Fellow Brian Whitmore invites guest experts to deliver their insights and analysis in this weekly podcast. The Atlantic Council and the Charles T. McDowell Center for Global Studies at the University of Texas at Arlington co-sponsor this production.

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New Atlanticist

Feb 21, 2024

What I heard in Munich: Europe gets a brutal awakening

By Anna Wieslander

Fear loomed that next year, Europe would be squeezed between a fascist Russia and an undependable United States—a Europe that would be pretty much on its own.

Europe & Eurasia Germany


Feb 20, 2024

Outgunned Ukraine bets on drones as Russian invasion enters third year

By Mykola Bielieskov

As Putin's invasion passes the two-year mark, tech-savvy Ukraine is betting on drones as the best way to overcome Russia's increasingly overwhelming advantage in traditional firepower, writes Mykola Bielieskov.

Civil Society Conflict


Feb 20, 2024

Time is running out to help Ukraine and defend the West

By Victor Pinchuk

The West is potentially overwhelmingly stronger than Russia and can enable Ukraine to win. But this will require far more effort and speed, writes Victor Pinchuk.

Conflict Defense Policy

In the News

Feb 20, 2024

Braw featured in CEPA’s Europe’s Edge journal

On February 20, Transatlantic Security Initiative senior fellow Elisabeth Braw was featured in CEPA’s Europe’s Edge journal discussing Alexei Navalny’s legacy.

Civil Society Russia

Inflection Points

Feb 20, 2024

Dispatch from Munich: The lessons of appeasement for US lawmakers withholding support for Ukraine

By Frederick Kempe

The lesson of Munich, then and now, is that the cost of countering a despot will only grow.

Conflict Europe & Eurasia

In the News

Feb 17, 2024

Braw quoted by The Guardian on sanctions against Russia

On February 17, Transatlantic Security Initiative senior fellow Elisabeth Braw was quoted by The Guardian on sanctions against Russia.

NATO Russia

New Atlanticist

Feb 16, 2024

Russia’s democracy movement will survive the death of Navalny

By Dylan Myles-Primakoff

The strategies and messages that the late opposition leader developed for fighting the Putin regime have spread to a diverse group of Russian pro-democracy actors.

Civil Society Corruption

New Atlanticist

Feb 16, 2024

Navalny’s life and death show Putinism isn’t inevitable

By Doug Klain

The Russian opposition leader built a national movement based on exposing the rampant corruption and gangsterism of Putin’s system.

Corruption Freedom and Prosperity

In the News

Feb 16, 2024

Garlauskas published in Foreign Affairs

On February 15, Markus Garlauskas and the Korea Society’s Jonathan Corrado published a new piece in Foreign Affairs titled, “The Arsenal of Autocracy: How North Korean Weapons Fuel Conflict—and How to Stop the Flow.” The article emphasizes the importance of building a United States-led international effort to stop North Korea from establishing arms trade relationships […]

Arms Control China

New Atlanticist

Feb 16, 2024

Can Ukraine’s new army chief overcome mounting battlefield challenges?

By Peter Dickinson

As Ukraine’s new top general, Oleksandr Syrsky must now come to grips with a range of mounting difficulties facing the Ukrainian military.

Conflict Defense Policy