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Mar 20, 2023

The Federal Reserve’s dilemma: Choosing between monetary policy and financial stability

By Barbara C. Matthews

The monetary-policy challenge that the Fed faces now cannot be overestimated.

Economy & Business Europe & Eurasia

New Atlanticist

Mar 15, 2023

Bailouts create a moral hazard even if they are justified. Is there another way?

By Hung Tran

The US guarantee for Silicon Valley Bank and possible Swiss intervention for Credit Suisse raise important questions. Here's one alternative approach for large depositors.

Economy & Business Financial Regulation


Mar 13, 2023

Silicon Valley Bank failed: What happens next?

By Hung Tran

Even if the contagion effects are contained, risks to the financial stability of the US and the world have increased significantly. The Fed can no longer focus only on bringing down inflation, but must also avoid exacerbating financial stability risks.

Economy & Business Financial Regulation


Mar 7, 2023

Fractured foundations: Assessing risks to Hong Kong’s business environment

By Logan Wright

The report analyzes in detail the risks to the commercial operating environment in Hong Kong that have emerged since the 2020 introduction of the National Security Law.

China East Asia

New Atlanticist

Feb 23, 2023

The big questions (and answers) about Ajay Banga’s nomination to lead the World Bank

By Atlantic Council experts

What to know about the former Mastercard chief executive officer's surprise nomination to lead the World Bank.

Economy & Business Fiscal and Structural Reform

New Atlanticist

Feb 22, 2023

China and private lenders are blocking a solution to the global debt crisis. The G20 must step in.

By Vasuki Shastry and Jeremy Mark

The international community must apply pressure so that China and private-sector lenders join in facilitating a collective haircut that includes all lenders.

China Economy & Business

Atlantic Debrief

Feb 17, 2023

#AtlanticDebrief – What’s on the Swedish EU Council Presidency agenda? | A Debrief with Cecilia Malmström

Ben Judah sits down with Cecilia Malmström, Nonresident Senior Fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics, to discuss the main issues facing Europe as Sweden embarks on its EU Council Presidency. 

China Economy & Business


Feb 17, 2023

The transformative power of reduced wait times at the US-Mexico border: Economic benefits for border states

By Alejandro Brugués Rodríguez, Noé Arón Fuentes Flores, David Gaytan, John Gibson, Mayra Maldonado, Jason Marczak, Jorge Eduardo Mendoza Cota, José Ángel Moreno, Roberto Ransom, and Ignacia Ulloa-Peters

Atlantic Council's new data shows that a mere 10-minute reduction in wait times – without any additional action – can create thousands of Mexican jobs, grow the gross domestic product (GDP) of several Mexican states, and generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in new spending in the United States.

Economy & Business Inclusive Growth

In the News

Feb 14, 2023

Graham and Bhusari cited by Munich Security Report 2023 on strengthening ties between China and GCC

Read the full report here.

China Economy & Business

Event Recap

Feb 9, 2023

Redefining the meaning of ‘failure’ in policies and culture to promote business risk

By Amira Attia

On January 24th, the Atlantic Council’s empowerME Initiative held a discussion about destigmatizing failure and promoting business risk through policies and culture.

Economy & Business Inclusive Growth