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Sep 18, 2023

Moldova has the chance to break from its Gazprom-dominated past

By Jamal Nusseibeh and Branko Terzic

Moldova has the opportunity to make good use of the lessons of its past by strengthening regulatory independence, increasing competition, and introducing transparent pricing.

Eastern Europe Energy & Environment


Sep 14, 2023

What to do about Russia’s energy trojan horse

By Olga Khakova, Charles Lichfield

The future of Gazprom’s piped deliveries to Europe looks bleak. However, Europe has no binding timeline for phasing out Russia’s growing LNG exports. Reducing these import will be critical to bringing Ukraine closer to victory and for securing Europe’s energy system.

Economic Sanctions Economy & Business


Sep 11, 2023

The IRA’s best kept climate secret: Moving oil and gas towards operational net zero 

By William Tobin

The IRA contains a suite of provisions to help oil and gas move towards scope 1 and 2 climate neutrality, potentially comprising some of the law’s most impactful climate measures.

Energy & Environment Energy Transitions

New Atlanticist

Sep 8, 2023

The EU won the first round against Russia’s energy extortion. But can it keep up the fight?

By Jonah Allen, Francis Shin

Europe’s decoupling from Russian hydrocarbons in the past year must be followed by a longer-term push to achieve decarbonization.

Central Europe Climate Change & Climate Action

New Atlanticist

Sep 8, 2023

Five ways the West might increase pressure on the Russian economy

By Brian O’Toole, Daniel Fried

The crumbling Russian macroeconomy may entice Western policymakers to knock Russian President Vladimir Putin and his power centers further off balance. 

Conflict Economic Sanctions


Sep 7, 2023

Ukraine’s partners cannot remove Putin but they can stop legitimizing him

By Richard Cashman

As long as Vladimir Putin is in power, Russia will remain a rogue state. Western policies that legitimize him through fear of a potential post-Putin Russia are perverse, writes Richard Cashman.

Conflict Defense Policy


Aug 30, 2023

How the Dorra gas field could disrupt warming relations between Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait

By Ali Bakir

As Iran, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia chart their paths, the outcome of the Dorra dispute could set the tone for the next stage of Gulf relations.

Energy & Environment Middle East

New Atlanticist

Aug 24, 2023

BRICS is doubling its membership. Is the bloc a new rival for the G7?  

By Atlantic Council experts

Atlantic Council experts share their insights on what the addition of Argentina, Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, the UAE, and Saudi Arabia to the group might mean.

Africa Brazil
Aerial photograph of an oil tanker


Aug 14, 2023

The IRA is strengthening the United States as a low-emission oil and gas superpower

By Joseph Webster

The lRA not only strengthens US leadership in global decarbonization efforts—it also makes the United States an even more powerful actor in oil and gas geopolitics.

Energy & Environment Geopolitics & Energy Security


Aug 12, 2023

Winter is coming: Is Ukraine’s power grid ready for new Russian attacks?

By Suriya Evans-Pritchard Jayanti

Last winter, Russia launched a six-month bombing campaign to methodically destroy Ukraine's civilian energy infrastructure. With a new winter heating season now fast approaching, is Ukraine prepared for a repeat?

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