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In the News

Jan 23, 2024

Wieslander interviewed on Radio Sweden

Radio Sweden, Studio Ett On January 23, Anna Wieslander, Director for Northern Europe, was interviewed by Radio Sweden, “Studio Ett” following Turkey’s parliament’s approval of Sweden’s accession to NATO. In response to the question of what Sweden’s role will be in NATO, Anna Wieslander highlights three important points:

NATO Northern Europe

New Atlanticist

Jan 23, 2024

Experts react: How close is Sweden to joining NATO after the Turkish parliament’s approval?

By Atlantic Council experts

The ratification now goes to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to sign, after which all allies will have approved Sweden’s membership except Hungary. Atlantic Council experts explain more.

Europe & Eurasia NATO

New Atlanticist

Jan 22, 2024

Three Seas Initiative leaders on European connectivity and Ukraine’s reconstruction

By Daniel Hojnacki

Central and Eastern European leaders discussed the Initiative's efforts to attract investment, as well as Ukraine's potential membership.

Central Europe Economy & Business

New Atlanticist

Jan 22, 2024

How Ukraine can rebuild in partnership with the Three Seas Initiative, according to leaders at Davos

By Katherine Walla

Officials and business leaders discussed how the Three Seas Initiative can support Ukraine’s reconstruction.

Economy & Business United States and Canada

New Atlanticist

Jan 17, 2024

Even as Brexit awkwardness remains, the UK and EU should work together on decarbonization

By Francis Shin

Brexit was four years ago, but London and Brussels need to take decisive steps together toward decarbonization as the climate crisis escalates.

Energy & Environment Energy Transitions

Balkans Debrief

Jan 17, 2024

#BalkansDebrief – What awaits the Balkans in 2024? | A debrief with Damir Kapidzic 

In this episode of #BalkansDebrief, Ilva Tare, Europe Center's Nonresident Senior Fellow, welcomes Damir Kapidžić, Political Scientist and Associate Professor at the University of Sarajevo, and a Weatherhead Visiting Scholar at Harvard. Together, they dissect the critical crossroads facing the region as U.S. and EU elections loom on the horizon.

The Balkans

New Atlanticist

Jan 13, 2024

Can Macron’s new cabinet of ‘revolutionaries’ remake French politics? 

By Léonie Allard, Marie Jourdain

French President Emmanuel Macron just reshuffled his cabinet, telling his ministers, “I don't want managers. I want revolutionaries.”

Europe & Eurasia European Union

Balkans Debrief

Jan 8, 2024

#BalkansDebrief – How will the US&EU elections reshape the Western Balkans? | A debrief with Ivan Krastev

Ilva Tare, Nonresident Senior Fellow, speaks with Ivan Krastev, chair of the Center for Liberal Strategies and Permanent Fellow at the Institute for Human Sciences in Vienna. 

The Balkans

New Atlanticist

Jan 4, 2024

With Russia focused on Ukraine, Georgia should forge ahead boldly with its Euro-Atlantic ambitions

By Jacob Paquette

Georgian officials should recognize the present opportunity to advance stronger ties with Europe and the United States, especially ahead of Georgian elections this year.

Conflict Economy & Business

Balkans Debrief

Jan 4, 2024

#BalkansDebrief – Unrest in Serbia after elections: is democracy at risk? | A debrief with Rasa Nedeljkov

Nonresident Senior Fellow Ilva Tare speaks to Rasa Nedeljkov, Program Director of the Center for Research, Transparency and Accountability which has monitored closely the election with particular focus on the capital, Belgrade. 

The Balkans