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The future of agriculture, medicine, and currencies all have one commonality: Artificial Intelligence. Although artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) are deeply intertwined with nearly all aspects of modern life, international unanimity on AI/ML regulations remain a work in progress.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) is a young and sensational computerized foresight tool with the potential to either streamline or restrict the advancement of democratic values into the global technology space. The expeditious, largely unregulated expansion and integration of AI/ML into the modern world has many within the international community pushing for increased regulatory oversight to better monitor its expansion and protect the public from dataset biases. That said, the creation of such a framework can often be slowed by decision-making dissention as a result of cultural differences between decision-making states. Adopting and implementing a culturally cognizant global AI/ML ideological framework will require engaging a diverse array of stakeholders and making pointed efforts to incorporate input from underrepresented actors. It is important that regulations are ultimately human-centered and focus on improving public understanding and awareness of AI/ML systems, preventing any major disturbances to the automated workforce, and equitably serving the global community to enrich the lives of all mankind.

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