With the intersection of South Asia and its geopolitics at the center of the South Asia Center’s vision, we work to find multilateral solutions to South Asia’s most vital global challenges. The competition between Asia’s rising giants will shape the future of the region as well as the world, and Pakistan sits at the very nexus of this global phenomena. For this reason, Pakistan continues to be an integral part of the SAC’s body of work and its growing interest in the study and research of Pakistan’s domestic and foreign policy. This interest is linked to the role the Center hopes to play in upscaling bilateral relations between the United States and Pakistan, emphasizing the country’s importance in a more integrated South Asia, and serving as a convening center for academics, policymakers, and thought leaders in this space.

The Pakistan initiative seeks to reaffirm support for and increase knowledge of Pakistan in the United States, and forge deeper ties between American policymakers, thought leaders, and the broader public with their counterparts in Pakistan. The core elements of the initiative will be to help build an adapted, inclusive body of work that bridges the gap between the west and Pakistan by encouraging partnerships, free and fair trade, democratic values, and the core elements of the rules-based order.

The initiative will focus on three key pillars:

  1. To mobilize support for a stronger US-Pakistan partnership;
  2. To convene networks of influential policymakers to galvanize concrete action; and
  3. To develop substantive policy recommendations in priority areas.



Other South Asia Center initiatives

The South Asia Center is the hub for the Atlantic Council’s analysis of the political, social, geographical, and cultural diversity of the region. ​At the intersection of South Asia and its geopolitics, SAC cultivates dialogue to shape policy and forge ties between the region and the global community.