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From energy relations to issues related to Syrian refugees in Turkey, the Atlantic Council in Turkey’s in-depth research serves to enlighten transatlantic policymakers and business leaders on issues about Turkey.

Do Seagulls Migrate?

Do Seagulls Migrate? an Atlantic Council Documentary

As the Syrian civil war marks a decade of destruction and displacement, millions of refugees are forced to endure harrowing journeys and create new lives from scratch. Do Seagulls Migrate?, the Atlantic Council’s first ever documentary, chronicles the lives of four Syrian women who fled their war-torn homes to seek survival, prosperity, and a new life in Turkey. Do Seagulls Migrate? reveals the refugee experience first-hand as Reem, Khloud, Inam, and Reem M. share their emotional journeys, forge new experiences, care for their families, and build new careers.

Do Seagulls Migrate? has been selected for screening at four film festivals: Prague International Film Festival 2021, 10th Antakya International Film Festival, Germany International Film Festival 2023, Nice International Film Festival 2023, and the 7th Golden Tree International Documentary Film Festival.



In the News

Jan 2, 2024

Rich Outzen joins WION TV to discuss Israeli supreme court ruling

Corruption Israel

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Jan 1, 2024

Rich Outzen joins i24 News to discuss Houthis / Red Sea

Conflict North & West Africa

In the News

Dec 29, 2023

Rich Outzen joins i24 News TV to discuss Houthis/Red Sea

Conflict Middle East


Dec 20, 2023

Turkey’s approach to Africa can shed light on NATO’s future engagement on the continent

By Sine Özkaraşahin

Turkey’s strategy in Africa offers lessons for NATO on how to fill the power vacuum left by France's fading footprint on the continent.

Africa Defense Industry

New Atlanticist

Dec 20, 2023

The Atlantic Council’s greatest hits of 2023

By Frederick Kempe

Here's the best of our efforts to further our mission to shape the global future together with allies and partners in 2023.

Economy & Business Energy & Environment

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Dec 19, 2023

Rich Outzen joins i24News to discuss US operation against Houthis

Conflict Israel

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Dec 13, 2023

Rich Outzen joins WION News to discuss Hezbollah

Conflict Israel

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Dec 12, 2023

Rich Outzen joins Middle East Eye to discuss Hamas fighting capabilities

Conflict Israel


Dec 11, 2023

Getting back on track: Unlocking Kosovo’s Euro-Atlantic and development perspective

By Agon Maliqi

Report exploring the path forward for Kosovo’s integration into transatlantic institutions and the geopolitical and economic challenges and opportunities facing the country.

Economy & Business Energy & Environment


Dec 8, 2023

An introduction to regional perspectives on climate change: Gulf Cooperation Council and Turkey

By Dr. Serhat S. Çubukçuoğlu

Turkey and the GCC needs to build on the momentum of growing economic ties to bring collective gains in energy transition.

Climate Change & Climate Action Energy & Environment