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New Atlanticist

Jan 24, 2023

Biden’s call to modernize US tech policy would pay transatlantic dividends

By Kenneth Propp

If Congress and the White House can unite to pass regulations on data privacy and tech competition, they would set the stage for deeper EU-US coordination.

Digital Policy European Union

New Atlanticist

Jan 24, 2023

What’s behind the Western divide over arming Ukraine?

By Eric Adamson

Two schools of thought have emerged on arming Ukraine—defeat Russia vs. avoid escalation. A recent conference hosted by the Atlantic Council in Stockholm investigated the roots of the divide.

Conflict Defense Policy


Jan 24, 2023

Authoritarian kleptocrats are thriving on the West’s failures. Can they be stopped?

By Francis Shin, Ben Judah

A new, more dangerous form of kleptocracy has arisen since the end of the Cold War, and the transatlantic community—hobbled by outdated, cliched images of what kleptocracy looks like, and by siloed, reactive regulatory and enforcement systems—isn’t equipped to handle it. A Transatlantic Anti-Corruption Council could coordinate anti-corruption reforms.

Corruption Economic Sanctions

New Atlanticist

Jan 20, 2023

Like it or not, Europe can only tackle its big challenges with Franco-German consensus

By Marie Jourdain, Jörn Fleck

The January 22 France-Germany summit, amid bumpy relations between the two powers, comes at a pivotal time for Europe and the transatlantic alliance.

Defense Policy Energy & Environment

In the News

Jan 19, 2023

Wieslander in Carnegie Europe’s “Judy Asks: Is European strategic autonomy over?”

“Yes, at least in the short term, it seems as if ‘reality killed the cat,'” wrote Wieslander. “Already before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, France adopted a more sobering stance…The recent EU initiatives on defense tend to be complementary to NATO and draw on the particular strengths of the union, which is a step in […]

NATO Northern Europe

Atlantic Debrief

Jan 18, 2023

#AtlanticDebrief – What is the state of Germany’s Zeitenwende? | A Debrief from Siemtje Möller

Rachel Rizzo sits down with German Parliamentary State Secretary for Defense, Siemtje Möller, to reflect on her New Atlanticist article on Germany's Zeitenwende and discuss the latest developments on Germany's support for Ukraine.

Defense Policy Europe & Eurasia

New Atlanticist

Jan 18, 2023

Dutch prime minister talks Leopard 2 tanks and other assistance to Ukraine: ‘The ask from Kyiv is completely clear’

By Nick Fouriezos

Prime Minister Mark Rutte spoke at an Atlantic Council Front Page event on Tuesday, where he discussed Ukraine, the Caribbean, China, and more.

Conflict Europe & Eurasia

In the News

Jan 14, 2023

Wieslander in Le Monde on Sweden-Turkey NATO negotiations

“Director for Northern Europe in the Atlantic Council, Anna Wieslander believes that Stockholm and Helsinki had no other choice, but that the ball is now in Turkey’s court: ‘Sweden has gone as far as it could, even if the negotiations continue, the pressure will have to come from the other member states.'” Turkey plays a […]

NATO Northern Europe

In the News

Jan 11, 2023

Propp in Lawfare: Gentlemen’s Rules for Reading Each Other’s Mail: The New OECD Principles on Government Access to Personal Data Held by Private Sector Entities

Europe Center nonresident senior fellow Kenneth Propp reviews the finalized version of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development’s (OECD) “Declaration on Government Access to Personal Data Held by Private Sector Entities,” which aims to document protections government have in place for access to individuals’ data. The OECD declaration is a notable accomplishment because it […]

Digital Policy Economy & Business

Balkans Debrief

Jan 11, 2023

#BalkansDebrief – Will relations between Kosovo and Serbia normalize?| A debrief with Tim Judah

Nonresident Senior Fellow Ilva Tare interviews Tim Judah, a journalist and author, in this episode of #BalkansDebrief about the role played by the Serbian President and the Prime Minister of Kosovo in reaching a normalization agreement acceptable to both parties.

The Balkans