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The 2023 EU-US Defense & Future Forum

The third annual EU-US Defense & Future Forum gathers policymakers from both sides of the Atlantic to discuss how the EU-US relationship can further strengthen collective prosperity and security. Join policymakers and experts from both sides of the Atlantic from November 14th to 15th, 2023 in person at the Atlantic Council.

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New Atlanticist

Nov 16, 2023

EU and US officials break down their deepening trade cooperation

By Daniel Hojnacki

US and EU officials discussed trade, supply chain resilience, sanctions, and other crucial aspects of the transatlantic relationship.

China Economic Sanctions

New Atlanticist

Nov 15, 2023

Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas’s message to NATO: ‘Defending freedom has a price tag’

By Katherine Walla

“Stay firmly on the course and boost our long-term support" to Ukraine, Kallas said at the EU-US Defense & Future Forum.

Conflict European Union

New Atlanticist

Nov 15, 2023

Conflict with China? Germany is not prepared.

By Norbert Röttgen

Compared to Germany’s dependence on Russian oil and gas, its dependence on the Chinese market is many times greater.

China Conflict

Balkans Debrief

Nov 10, 2023

#BalkansDebrief – Why does the US want Kosovo to urgently implement the ASM?| A debrief with Jeffrey Hovenier

Nonresident Senior Fellow Ilva Tare is joined in this episode of #BalkansDebrief by US Ambassador to Kosovo Jeffrey Hovenier to discuss developments in the EU-facilitated Belgrade-Pristina Dialogue.

The Balkans

New Atlanticist

Nov 9, 2023

Will the EU get new members soon? Here’s what you need to know.

By Atlantic Council experts

Ukraine, Moldova, and Georgia just saw their bids to join the twenty-seven member bloc boosted by the European Commission. Atlantic Council experts explain what it means for EU enlargement.

Europe & Eurasia European Union

New Atlanticist

Nov 3, 2023

Dispatch from Bletchley Park: Where does transatlantic AI cooperation stand?

By Mark Boris Andrijanič, Nicole Lawler

Politicians and business leaders just met outside of London for a summit on how to regulate artificial intelligence. Here’s how to take the collaboration to the next level.

Artificial Intelligence Internet

Balkans Debrief

Nov 1, 2023

#BalkansDebrief – What challenges face new Montenegro government? | A Debrief with Ana Nenezic

Nonresident Senior Fellow Ilva Tare is joined in this episode of #BalkansDebrief by political analyst and the director of the Institute for SocioPolitical Research - Analitico, Ana Nenezic.

The Balkans

Press Release

Oct 30, 2023

Atlantic Council and Delegation of the European Union to the United States to hold 2023 EU-US Defense & Future Forum

Transatlantic experts and policymakers come together November 14-15 to bolster EU-US cooperation on a growing list of global opportunities and challenges WASHINGTON, DC – OCTOBER 30, 2023 – The Atlantic Council’s Europe Center, in partnership with the Delegation of the European Union to the United States, hosts the third EU-US Defense & Future Forum at […]

Europe & Eurasia

Balkans Debrief

Oct 23, 2023

#BalkansDebrief – A view from the European Parliament on Kosovo-Serbia crisis | A Debrief with Viola von Cramon

Nonresident Senior Fellow Ilva Tare is joined in this episode of #BalkansDebrief by, Viola von Cramon, a member of the EP Foreign Affairs Committee and the Rapporteur on Kosovo, to discuss the implications of the resolution and the EU's role in ensuring that Serbia cooperates fully with the investigation into the Banjska attack.

The Balkans

In the News

Oct 20, 2023

Wieslander participates in Riga Conference 2023

On Friday, October 20, Anna Wieslander, director for Northern Europe, attended the Riga Conference, organized by the Latvian Transatlantic Organisation in Riga. She participated in the Panel “Madrid, Vilnius, Washington – Milestones for NATO’s generational Change” together with David Cattler, NATO’s Assistant Secretary General for Intelligence and Security, Jeremy Shapiro, Research Director, European Council on […]

NATO Northern Europe