The Warsaw Office serves as a hub for the Atlantic Council’s work advancing transatlantic cooperation, raising Central European voices in the European conversation, and supporting Ukraine’s resistance against Russia’s invasion as well as expanding its impact on urgent challenges and promising opportunities facing the transatlantic community and NATO alliance. The Warsaw Office builds on more than a decade of programming and presence in Poland, including major annual strategy forums and deep engagement with leaders in Poland and the United States.

The Warsaw Office furthers the mission of the Atlantic Council’s Europe Center, which seeks to drive an ambitious, forward-looking transatlantic relationship, in cooperation with Polish partners, and continues an Atlantic Council presence in Warsaw since 2013.

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Press Release

May 17, 2022

Atlantic Council Announces Reopening of Warsaw Office

Atlantic Council deepens its commitment to Poland and Central Europe at a critical time for the region’s security and prosperity; office reopened with high-level public event in Warsaw

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The Europe Center promotes leadership, strategies and analysis to ensure a strong, ambitious and forward-looking transatlantic relationship.